Kindness is the key to forgiveness

Oh, I have written a lot but I wasn’t able to save it; I forgive myself. Now I have to re-write the whole thing I’d like to share with you. I wrote, I was struggling about forgiveness and kindness really helped me forgive a little bit easier than before. Of course, it’s not overnight; itContinue reading “Kindness is the key to forgiveness”

Sex Education : Reaction Paper

So, like everyone else, I’ve also watched the movie out of curiosity. It was indeed a sex education but it’s more than just sex, it’s more of like developing a good perception about the organs involved in sex activities. So, it’s empowering, both man and woman. It’s not only focusing on sex but also lifeContinue reading “Sex Education : Reaction Paper”

It takes only 5 steps to maintain your happiness

Everything in this world revolves around one desire and that is to be happy. We decide and choose based on our belief that it will make us happy even if it means hurting others or stepping into others shoes- a reality that we cannot deny, specially when we are in that state of panic andContinue reading “It takes only 5 steps to maintain your happiness”

Happiness in Writing

Time flies so fast when you’re doing something.You no longer have to wait, you’re just doing your part.But like me, right now, I am just chillin.I am able to appreciate every seconds and every minute.It’s beautiful, it’s so amazing, it felt good to give yourself the rest that she deserves.When you’re not feeling well, justContinue reading “Happiness in Writing”

How to forgive and become better

Be kind to those who are bitter to you.Be kind to those who are jealous of you.Be kind to those who have hurt you and abuse you.Be kind to those who have been bullying you.Be kind to those who have judged you.Be kind to those who wish harm upon you.Be kind to those who areContinue reading “How to forgive and become better”

What kept me writing

This podcast is amazing! It will keep you sharing. This podcast will keep you motivating. This podcast, would make you feel better. This podcast will help you focus on your purpose, instead of protecting yourself by being selfish. This podcast, is a must to watch if you’re really passionate in your purpose. Go scroll up,Continue reading “What kept me writing”