It takes only 5 steps to maintain your happiness

Everything in this world revolves around one desire and that is to be happy. We decide and choose based on our belief that it will make us happy even if it means hurting others or stepping into others shoes- a reality that we cannot deny, specially when we are in that state of panic and fear.

In order to lessen that kind of way to make you happy, I designed 5 steps for me to use and for you to share with. It’s only 5 steps but it saves me from a lot of manipulators in every corner. Deceivers that if you buy this, you will become happy, if you achieve this or that, you’ll be happy, if you do this and that, you’ll be happy.

The truth is that, it is still up to you to be happy in the end. It’s not the completion of something that makes you happy, it is how you see it and how you value a thing. It’s your belief that does, not the object itself.

But if you want to be happy now, the easiest way, you can apply my 5 simple steps to make you happy without any conditions, just a little self realization and a little mind exercise- no this is not hypnotism, this is just realizing something very important that you have forgotten.

Where you have come from matters, it doesn’t just exist to be forgotten, it’s a story that must be revealed and there are lessons for you to learn, because without it, you will not be thankful and grateful for the time being.

1st Step: Look Back (Face your old self)

2nd Step: See the difference between past and present (Awareness & Mindfulness)

3rd Step: Be thankful and grateful with kindness.

4th Step: Go on with your life with good intention.

5th Step: Repeat

Let me explain, “Look Back“. It is only when you look back that you’ll see how far you are now from where you have started. If you’ll always look forward, you’ll always think that you have more and more mountains to climb up, more struggles to experience, and more problems to face, the outcome of that always forward thinking is you will stop in no time.

But if you LOOK BACK, you’ll realize how strong you are because you have conquered all those hardships you have encountered, you have slayed monsters and you get through the narrowest pathways. You are tough! You will acknowledge how great you are. You will develop new techniques that will be useful in the next phase. The farther you go, the more failures you experience, the more lessons you learn, the more powerful you become.

You get it now? Don’t be scared to look back, nor step backward if you needed to because you’ve reach the dead end. Step back and look for a continuous way. The longest the path is, the more exciting life becomes, the more experiences you will encounter, the more stories you’ll have to share. Yes there is a shortcut to the next step, but it’s not preparing you for the next phases. What makes you get prepared, is when you go through the process, trust it and get the lessons instead.

Now 2nd Step, See the difference between the past and present. Why not future? It is because the future will always become your present though not at once, but it will always be your present. Right now, you are in the future. The present is the future currently manifesting. So in order to see the difference, compare the past and present. See where you are now, how you have become and how many dreams have you accomplished so far.

Imagine how you planned this event from happening and the courage you use to take those bold steps in order to get here. How satisfying isn’t it? It felt so good, it felt so magnificent, it felt so satisfying. I feel like I am floating with joy, how awesome I am right now compared to how I was before. Now your turn to acknowledge your power.

About 3rd Step, Be thankful and grateful. It is the step when you share what you know and what you have. It is this step that you say thank you to your higher self for supporting you, and for bringing you this far. Thanks be to those who have listened to your prayers, and thank those who have lead you the right way. A time to thank those who taught you and showed you how it is done.

Being in a state of gratitude after realizing how far you have come and how lucky and blessed you have been with good people, good friends, good mind, good heart and right mindset, you have the power to maintain that momentum. That joy, that magical feeling you seldomly get after pushing so hard, now you have released it, what a relief isn’t that true? Holding your poop and finally decided to let it go, makes you feel so successful πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ.

Anyways, you may now “Go on with your life with good intentions” slay more, achieve more, learn more, be fearless because you know that God existed and your prayers were being heard. Trust that you can because you have made one impossible thing, possible. You did it! Your faith unleased the power within you to create miracles after miracles. You are indeed too powerful if you only knew how to unfold it. I wonder what is mine, I still haven’t figured it out, I just knew I have one, I just have to discover it within me and utilize it for good.

Repeat the 4 steps even after you have already succeeded.

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