The Question that leads me to find my passion

“Believe in you; why would they not doubt if they’re not in your shoes?” I used to get so emotional when people closer to me disliked me, gets jealous of me, and not happy of my achievements. But soon as I realized, I actually deserve the right people in my life, where I feel safe,Continue reading “The Question that leads me to find my passion”

I believe in the impossibilities

Something unexpected happened again today! I mean this month! Something I only pray of achieving and has been granted. Prayer worked magic to those who believe and those who kept on trying to believe until they’re able to connect to the universe, then our prayers are being manifested. If little things happened simply because IContinue reading “I believe in the impossibilities”

It takes only 5 steps to maintain your happiness

Everything in this world revolves around one desire and that is to be happy. We decide and choose based on our belief that it will make us happy even if it means hurting others or stepping into others shoes- a reality that we cannot deny, specially when we are in that state of panic andContinue reading “It takes only 5 steps to maintain your happiness”