I believe in the impossibilities

Something unexpected happened again today! I mean this month! Something I only pray of achieving and has been granted. Prayer worked magic to those who believe and those who kept on trying to believe until they’re able to connect to the universe, then our prayers are being manifested.

If little things happened simply because I believe and I just let the universe and its amazing angels do their part, life became prosperous. When you believe in something, and you’re willing to be transformed to get it done, then there’s nothing in this world that you cannot achieve.

I said to myself “I’m going to work on it, no matter what!” I am ready to change for good if that’s what it takes to get it done. I guess, working together with the universe makes magic possible. If you constantly, work on ourselves while asking for more strenght to carry on, it will be given.

Support is just around the corner. It is just one click away, one inch away as long as you’re willing to do what must be done. I believe in the impossibilities. I am surprised by the progress I have. Something I once thought impossible. When I stopped thinking and start trusting that things will turn out well. All worries subsides and you just find yourself doing the best you can fearlessly.

When you start trusting and forget about worrying, everything will fall into places naturally, effortlessly, like it just happened. Like unexpectedly, everything unfolds on its own. Forcing anything is like closing something big that is rightfully yours. Just let it go and claim that thing you deserve the most.

Published by RMI

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