Getting out from my comfort zone #6: Easter Sunday at Mactan New town Beach

The actor Lee Min Ho was there. I saw it online, he was here in Cebu for a fan meeting around 2016 if I’m right. It’s been a year since I first came to that place and it wasn’t that special at all. Until that day.. when my friend and her friends came over andContinue reading “Getting out from my comfort zone #6: Easter Sunday at Mactan New town Beach”

Happiness in Writing

Time flies so fast when you’re doing something.You no longer have to wait, you’re just doing your part.But like me, right now, I am just chillin.I am able to appreciate every seconds and every minute.It’s beautiful, it’s so amazing, it felt good to give yourself the rest that she deserves.When you’re not feeling well, justContinue reading “Happiness in Writing”

Help yourself heal

Healing starts with relaxation, allowing your natural healing power to do its work.Trusting and believing, guiding your healing energy where it must focus on.I go to church to relax and feel at peace.I like the strict rules, it helped me pay respect. It helped me listen well, it helped me express and pray.It helped meContinue reading “Help yourself heal”