This will convince you to start writing now

Writing is therapeutic, it will help you be open, build courage; process your thoughts and most importantly, organized it. Although, even that is also a process, you just have to trust it. The only reason why I don’t write a lot, is because, I decide not to. I choose to procrastinate instead of doing somethingContinue reading “This will convince you to start writing now”

Getting out from my comfort zone #8! Meeting new people

I have committed myself to do things I haven’t done before or anything that I haven’t mastered yet. If I want to make friends and be able to socialize a bit, then I must come out and let go of my fear while keeping my guard up. We can still enjoy even if we’re careful,Continue reading “Getting out from my comfort zone #8! Meeting new people”

Getting out from my comfort zone #6: Easter Sunday at Mactan New town Beach

The actor Lee Min Ho was there. I saw it online, he was here in Cebu for a fan meeting around 2016 if I’m right. It’s been a year since I first came to that place and it wasn’t that special at all. Until that day.. when my friend and her friends came over andContinue reading “Getting out from my comfort zone #6: Easter Sunday at Mactan New town Beach”

1st step to become your greatest self

I am going to share what I believe. With faith, I humbly say thank you Father Rev. PETER SIMON for enlightening us yesterday, the 2nd Sunday of Lent. He did shared with us, the value of sacrifice, getting out from our comfortzones and becoming celebrities in the eyes of our Lord. I am a believerContinue reading “1st step to become your greatest self”

Beyond Known Limits

It’s a happy birthday to me today!Tomorrow, I am hoping to have a good day.I am happy to have seen the best out of me.Getting the courage to be myself, instead of fearing what others will think. In this church, I can rest, express my gratitude and my sorrows.Though it’s true that I may notContinue reading “Beyond Known Limits”