1st step to become your greatest self

I am going to share what I believe. With faith, I humbly say thank you Father Rev. PETER SIMON for enlightening us yesterday, the 2nd Sunday of Lent.

He did shared with us, the value of sacrifice, getting out from our comfortzones and becoming celebrities in the eyes of our Lord. I am a believer and a Christian.

I respect the Holy Bible because it contains parables, formulas, a sacred knowledge that only the special ones can decode. They are chosen heirs of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whomever believes in them, receives the glory and everlasting blessings. Unveil the greatest secret of God and its treasure. That’s why, seek ye first thy kingdom of God and everything shall be added into you.

Even that verse is still unclear to me, but I will humbly wait for the right time that somebody will give me that exact meaning of that verse. It’s too powerful, and the only way to understand it is to listen to those who have been gifted of the knowledge of what that verse really meant.

But one of his parable have been explained by Father Rev. Peter Simon and it was a blessing. It talks about Sacrifice. A word that has been misunderstood by many, misused by many. But what it means is that, “In order to get the achievable desire that you want, you must let go of what’s weighing you down (sacrifice).”

If you want to have a healthy body but you also want to eat unhealthy meats everyday, then you must sacrifice that other want in order to eat the healthy food that your body need in order to achieve that health goal you have set for yourself in the end of this year.

I also remember, that somewhere in the bible, when asked how to be enter the kingdom of God, he told him to let go of his money, wealth, etc. Well, this answers my question “What is the Kingdom of God?”. This is why I love writing, I learned something new. “The kingdom of God” is happiness, it’s where your heart is.

So if you want to enter that kind of joy, you must do what triggers it, you must do what your heart really wants, even if it means having to spend all you’ve got, but make sure it’s bringing you more joy, abundance and prosperity. That’s what it means when someone said, “Save yourself.” What is saving money for? Are you just saving it for interest? Money only becomes valuable when you use it. If not, then it’s nothing but a paper.

Say you want to buy water, your 1 piso becomes valuable because of the act of buying water, now you have something to drink, to share and to thank for. Your belly’s full because of the yummy food that you buy and eat. Use it wisely, make your hearts happy. Use what you’ve got to save yourself from depression, from sicknesses, etc. Let go of money in return of something that will help you achieve your goals.

You let go of money in exchange of a book that you will read to learn skills that will help you become the person you want to be in the next 30 years. Haha. Go out from your comfortzones. It’s how you grow. And you must sacrifice money just to become great, right? I mean, you sacrifice money to go to school. You sacrifice money to pay for your internet, bills, etc.

If you want to own a house and lot, you have to sacrifice lots of money to own it. That’s just one example. And a pretty obvious example about sacrifice. If you want to go to school, you must sacrifice your laziness of walking. You must walk. You must sacrifice your time watching nonsensible movies so that you can watch movies that will give you better lessons.

If you want to have better relationships, you must sacrifice letting go those relationships that are toxic, that’s no longer working in order to give room for the new one. If you want to put on a new clothing, you must remove your old clothing to allow the new clothing on you.

If you want to visit new places, you must sacrifice your old habit of just staying in the same place. It’s pretty weird that this lecture relates to Jungkook’s idea about going out, to excercise so that you will not be weakened. Staying at home weakens you. In his recent VLIVE. You must listen to the KING. Haha. I’m a fan, I listen to his words of wisdom.

And Father Simon Peter also shared that transferring or moving from one comfort zone to another, also does not make you become great, even if you’re already doing great. It stopped you from growing. Meaning that you must do something else aside from the things that you have already been doing and explore something new, way different from what you’re used to.

For me, one of the example is that if you are in a relationship with someone that you feel comfortable with, then find someone you’re not comfortable with, keep it open, and when it already started being too comfortable, it’s a signal to leave it or get stuck with it or do something else you haven’t tried before, keep growing. Travel separately, grow, share, and do something else. That’s how you live a better life, I think. There’s no other worst life than being stagnant, you must keep moving. It’s the same with your body, you must excercise it, walk it or else it will become disfunctional in no time. So guys, let’s take Jungkooks Advise in this latest VLIVE, develop a system. Youtube helps according to him.

Coming out from my comfort zone challenge #1.

Coming out from comfort zone number 1 to #2.

Coming out from comfort zone number 2 to #3.

Coming out from comfort zone number 3 to #4.

Soon #4 and number #5. 🤪

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