The differences between sense of responsibility and sense of revenge

What makes you and me motivated, dedicated, and committed to our life goals?

This is only my opinion, take only what resonates. But for me, we both share reasons why we keep building ourselves, honing our skills, doing the best we can and accept criticism positively like we knew it’s coming and we have prepared the right attitude to handle those.

What keeps us motivated is our sense of responsibility to give back the best we’ve got, to the people who trusted us. We cannot change people without their permission, and if they decided to be themselves trusting you, without changing, you will feel obliged and decided to be powerful so you can do the right thing, because their lives is in the line.

Whenever there is someone or somebody, anybody who trusted you, and you decided to accept that you will be held responsible of the outcome, good or bad; if you are a person with a good heart and mind, you will choose to achieve a good result, you know what good result mean right? If you don’t, then you’re a psychopath, haha, sorry but only psychos would think “It’s good to be bad” specially if it will bring down others; rooted from sense of revenge, obviously not from sense of Responsibility.

Sense of revenge only bring you one outcome, and that’s a bad result; but if you’re a psycho you’ll think that bad results to others is a good one. But here’s the real difference difference between choosing to have that sense of responsibility from sense of revenge; having that sense of revenge will bring you nowhere, you’re just stopping yourself from growing, improving, be recognized, be able to share; you’re stopping yourself from transforming and becoming the best version of yourself so that you can’t do the right thing; and you think that stopping yourself will bring them down; IT’S A BIG HELL NO!. You are the one who’s down.

To illustrate it:

“Imagine pulling down anything from the top, isn’t it that you have to bring yourself down also? You have to put a lot of heaviness in you.”

But that’s not going to work to people, because they have freewill, they’re not things, they’re more than just a thing, they’re special. They can only act temporarily as if they’re down, so you feel better (if they care about you). But when it’s over, they’ll get back on their feet as if nothing happened.

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