This will convince you to start writing now

Writing is therapeutic, it will help you be open, build courage; process your thoughts and most importantly, organized it. Although, even that is also a process, you just have to trust it.

The only reason why I don’t write a lot, is because, I decide not to. I choose to procrastinate instead of doing something great (char). No, I’m just saying, practicing. I am still practicing how to write well and I am happy that I never stopped.

I rested, I rested long, but soon as I’m all used up, consumed, my hands wants me to write, the brain probably ask it to? “You’ve got more to learn! Keep writing, just write, ideas will flow later on, just start it.”

The only thing that’s stopping you from writing, is your fear of writing a bad one. Don’t mind me, I’m just practicing; but remember this, you can always delete it if you don’t want it, just write whatever to exercise your good writing skills.

Everyone can write good articles, I believe. As long as they’re dedicated and giving all their best, no one can’t, everyone can! We have our own unique stories that others don’t have. That’s something valuable.

Besides, writing will help you open up, release fears, face your monsters because you will remember a memory related to your topic. A certain memory that needed to be set free, you’re holding it too much that you become too dependent on it that you cannot live without; it will be set free because writing helps you see the other side of the coin.

The Magic flows effortlessly when you’re more open and willing to accept change, when you decide to stand alone, take responsibility and be more mindful because if you’re not, you’re doomed. Writing helped me listen to my good self.

When you write, the wise part of you will illuminate and will cover those critics inside you that’s dominant because that’s how we survived, we kept on giving negativities so we fear away from possible threats. Journaling really is a beautiful way to reconnect with your true self that we have been running away from.

We fear that if we embrace our better selves, we will change and that’s really scary. Feeling that wholeness upon reuniting from that best self within that we thought is going to take away all the people we know.

Yes it will! As we grow, we must let go of those that doesn’t match our frequency anymore because fishes can’t climb trees and not all people have the courage to change. You will be given that right people who can understand you and accept your current self.

You must let go of the old for the new one to mirror you so you will not feel unsupported, undervalued and unrecognized; because only those who have the same strenght as you, and those who have walked your path are the once who can understand and you will be able to help as well. No one would accept you if they don’t trust your know-how.

Sometimes, holding them just because you care will drag you back and will stop your foot from moving forward. It’s not their fault, it’s noones fault. It’s your fear of being alone and nothing to hold on to when you fall is what’s stopping you from walking on your own.

Growing up isn’t easy, specially if you’re aiming to go far. Learning to walk away from the place you’re so attached to, where you feel grounded and protected, spoiled and helpless, hurts.

Pain is a feeling you get when you’re breaking out from your old shell to come out and transform into someone stronger than you were before. The shredding of those memories, the pressure that you feel, like giving birth to a new belief and a new program will empower you to do more, become valuable and be of use to all.

The shattering of the old you and the birth of a new you is a gift that must be fully accepted. Like how a butterfly came out from it’s cocoon in order to fly. Look how vulnerable they are. Look how free they are, simply fearless.

You see how beautiful writing is? It reminds me of the days where I saw yellow butterflies, lots of them, it makes me feel like one of them. How wonderful, but I couldn’t touch them because I’m scared of them. I know they’re smooth but touching it might hurt them, besides it might bite me?

Butterflies don’t actually bite, I hope someone told me that, I would have allowed them to come close to me. Fearing almost everything because no one reassured my safety. Every child deserved to feel safe, loved and protected. It sounds like I’m learning how to care about the child self within me.

It’s beautiful to discover this important lesson while writing. It’s really fantastic – those are the examples of the benefits of writing. You too write now! I was actually thinking of writing a review about the Movie Merlin, but I ended up writing this one. 😜 IT FELT GREAT! That’s what matters.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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