Before September Ends

Hello Followers! 😊

September is about to end and I would like to end it with a good October start. Thinking positively as well as rethinking and re examining the best of the years I’ve had since I started getting out from my Comfort zones.

Looking back a year and 4 months ago since the birth of my site- it was during the pandemic, we were under quarantine time and we are still are right now, but a little loose. I have not talked about the pandemic here because we’re into positive thinking.

But it appears like, while I was under the influence of the pandemic, some of my posts were not that positive enough, and I’m referring to a little dramatic scenes and stories of the past with its lessons, advises and how to cope up with it.

Now here’s more of my coping mechanism. I’m going to share this so that I can revisit it as well. These are beautiful memories of mine because it’s those times that I am happy and I’m totally out of my negativities. Evils lived in our brain but so does the good ones. We just have to nurture the good one so that we won’t be consume by the other.

This is like building an antibodies of my negative thoughts from past experiences and arguments that are still unsettled due to confusions and lack of acceptance, forgiveness and of course forgetting to surrender.

Although it has already ended, the unconscious brain records everything well, though it has already been close, when triggered the emotions flows back together with the memories as if it’s really happening again even if it’s not.

Our smart minds playing tricks, giving us what’s already been there if you’re not choosy enough, you’ll get drawn to more of it, just like how we google search, one key word will bring us to more related articles, isn’t that right?

So here’s my keyword, “Fun with friends”.

I have been eating and traveling with friends despite the pandemic, sorry about that we’re careful anyway. I believe it’s the best time to travel because no one’s going to be there. I would do everything for the sake of Silence. All I needed is silence. Because this silence leads to peace, then fun and happiness.

So here we go, I hope you will do the same: Use the hashtag #funwithfriends

We’re eating at CookPub for the first time?
Hiking with Lyka for hours- heading to mount Manunggal, early 2021 March. We knew it was the right way so we just kept on walking until we arrived at our destination. We arrived by trusting our sense of direction, having fun as we kept moving forward
Travelling with Brother at Olango Island, Bird Sanctuary and Marine Sanctuary. It was his first time. Early 2021 around Feb?
I went to JPark to treat my self coz it’s her 28th Birthday.. 🎉🥳
That’s my friend’s wedding day! I’m so happy for them..
Lechon at Roro in cordova. Tasty and 🤤 Yummy!
The white mansion cakes and coffees. It’s my first time. Thanks to google maps, mission accomplished.
It’s a beautiful day at this museum! It’s my first time. I have also visited Hey Jude’s Burger but they were close. The pandemic helps me come out because it’s the safest, it’s weird.
I was relaxing with my couple friends at Africa. It’s the most relaxing ever! Thank you friends and Bless you more happiness and wealth in Davao!! 🥳
It’s a blue hole in Tuburan, South Cebu! It’s been in my thought and I finally visited it with college friends 🥳🎉
The family who serves good food. So affordable! Thank you Ma’am Sir! 🥳🎉 I was at Happy Museum ..
Because why not? I learned to back float this time, with Cess as my teacher. First at Maravilla Beach Resort. We rented a nice Nipa Hut and star gazed at night. It was so beautiful. It’s lykas birthday as well.
Local beach at Cordova for only P10. I had so much Fun!! 🥳🎉🎉
The Mactan New Town Beach with the ladies We weren’t allowed to go there, but we found the best alibi, thanks to this smart fella, truly yours! Sorry 🥳
Meeting up with my Work Batch mates for the first time! 🥳 Rain or shine.
This has the best shot ever!At 10k roses in Cordova.

I have so much to share, but I really have to go, have to jog! Hehe Enjoy reading at “Getting out from my Comfort zone” keyword. I have more there to see! Adios… talk to you next time.. 🥳

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