Do this when you feel Depressed

Depression is a feeling of being incapable of doing something you really want to do, due to so many factors. It could be others or you who stopped you from doing things you must do. Most of the time though, it is just you. Sometimes, we’re too smart that we’re the only one blocking us from doing the right thing because we OVERTHINK.

Overthinking about consequences, if we do this and that, worrying about the future if we decide to do this and that, is the only key to depression. It’s when we stopped ourselves from being anxious and we overdo it, locked ourselves down and forget about doing the right thing just to keep us safe.

It’s when you feel undecided and you feel scared about what’s going to happen in the future. It’s a desire that wants your approval but you are dependent on others approval even if there’s no need to, just because you’re scared of being called out and be angered or be put to shame, bullied, etc. etc. It’s an illusion of the negative consequences due to overthinking that may never happen.

If you want to get out from that depressive state of mind, you must take RISK. Risk and follow what is urgent. I know that the future is important but there would be no future if you kill yourself due to depression. You may not die but for sure you’re wasting your time in a wrong state of mind that’s making you sad, empty and totally disconnected from your calling.

When you have to poo, and have to run but you think you can’t reach there and you’ll poo in your pants; you must take that risk and trust yourself that you can; holding your poo long enough is not good for your health. In the case of desire, or anything urgent, if you’re not taking action now, it will cause mental health problems, again depression; from depression down to many more mental health problems that will eventually affect your physical and spiritual well being.

I went to the church today and the message I received is to “TRUST in the Lord and keep your heart open.” Thanks to Father Rev. of VDR. Yes! I heard it, he said “Keep it open and trust everything to the Lord.” There are things that are out of our control, like for example “Call of Nature” “Natural Calamities” “Pandemic” all of these are uncontrollable. The only option we have is to trust, take RISK and do what you must.

Learn to Surrender if something bad will happen, you can’t run away forever. We must take responsibility of our own actions, take the lesson and let go of shame (you can’t do anything about the past, so let it go). Let’s apologize if we must, but most of all, prioritize what is urgent and important. My previous co-worker Miss Sanchez, where I worked as an AP staff, taught us about setting priorities. It must be classified as: Urgent and Important, Urgent but not important, Not Urgent but important, Not Urgent and not important.

“Thanks Ma’am! Kudos to you! I am so glad I have worked with you for a year. It wasn’t that long, but we all worked together like family.” My year 2015-2016 was one of the best years I’ve had. I’ve met lots of important people who taught me very good lessons since then, some I have not met but through their books I already have.

Do that, when you’re depressed. Think about my colleagues teaching. Thank and always thank like Oprah. Say thank you, thank you, and remind yourself of the good things that happened to you. Do not let one trigger to bring you down, let it strengthen you, let your muscles exercise, face uncertainties and hope for a good result: there is always a solution to every problem.

But then again if it already hits you, just be thankful and grateful, move on, stand straight, accept what happened and do what is right. Depressing won’t help anyway. Acting like a victim also won’t. So be thankful and grateful, learn the lesson and apply it next time. Act fast, recover fast, do it right fast, don’t waste time dramatizing, keep moving. You can never go wrong by keeping your heart open to both sides of the coin, because that’s the only way we can balance LIFE.

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