Nothing Last Forever Except One thing

Everything is temporary coz everything improves overtime. Critics, comments makes you better; find someone who will tell you the truth and give you advises instead of gossip about you when you’re not around, just because you have different perceptions. We’ve been through different life experiences, different environments that shapes our way of thinking. Others isContinue reading “Nothing Last Forever Except One thing”

Sex Education : Reaction Paper

So, like everyone else, I’ve also watched the movie out of curiosity. It was indeed a sex education but it’s more than just sex, it’s more of like developing a good perception about the organs involved in sex activities. So, it’s empowering, both man and woman. It’s not only focusing on sex but also lifeContinue reading “Sex Education : Reaction Paper”

Squid Game – Reaction

I finished watching the Squid Game Movie the other day but my brother doesn’t, so I had to rewatch the last two episodes today. I thought of exercising my Writing skill and give it a review. What I learned from Movie – I learned that betting on luck is not a good choice. It isContinue reading “Squid Game – Reaction”

This will convince you to start writing now

Writing is therapeutic, it will help you be open, build courage; process your thoughts and most importantly, organized it. Although, even that is also a process, you just have to trust it. The only reason why I don’t write a lot, is because, I decide not to. I choose to procrastinate instead of doing somethingContinue reading “This will convince you to start writing now”

Game of change, a dirty mind game that you can’t win

Now I understand clearly their ways, the technique they’re using to keep me a loser. These type of mind manipulators will open up a topic or an argument against you, when they’re losing, they’ll move on to the other argument they have for you even without ending the first one to keep it open. IContinue reading “Game of change, a dirty mind game that you can’t win”

The easiest way to let go of the past

I had been suffering from confusion many times before and sometimes in the present moment. People who knew my parents would seriously look at me or treat me as if I am one of them. It felt so real that if I am not careful, my mother and father would rush through my veins andContinue reading “The easiest way to let go of the past”

What you need to let go

New year’s celebration is coming and here I am working. Working in my dreams I mean. I want to become a good writer who can express someone else’s heart desires, so here I am practicing. In my youth, I haven’t thought of becoming a writer. I was very bad in English and English have alwaysContinue reading “What you need to let go”

Insisting (take what resonates)

I am no longer insisting, I will start listening. I have finally accepted the choice you have made. I will be respecting you now because I am getting older now. I hope you will be given some guidance to listen to your own intuition. I am going to give up, not because I am losingContinue reading “Insisting (take what resonates)”