Museum Archdiocese In Cebu, unexpected visit

Another unplanned adventure initiated by my gym buddies. I went back to give time to them, because I had to do some change in my career. It was put on hold for awhile and then, one day, I decided to join them again to treat them lunch! There’s always someone who likes giving back everytimeContinue reading “Museum Archdiocese In Cebu, unexpected visit”

Unplanned escapade, end up staying overnight in Mountain View, Cebu

Hey look at this! Yes! That’s in Busay. That’s the view at night! I’m so happy to share that another bucket list has been crossed out in my mind. I had it in there all the time! I always wanted to stay overnight in that mountain view, to see the city lights and my friends,Continue reading “Unplanned escapade, end up staying overnight in Mountain View, Cebu”

Living in fear is not an option; just do it, both! You can!

Someone told me, if you’re scared of something, you better do it anyway; so I did. It’s liberating and it sets me free from everyone; so far, so good. It’s kinda hard to live a fearful life; it’s easy to live free from negativities. Let me tell you a story on how fear wasted myContinue reading “Living in fear is not an option; just do it, both! You can!”

Love yourself first. Why focus on others’ progress?

When I was young, I met a man. My world stopped, I spend my years with him, like a puppet and a devoted wife. Well, I wasn’t a wife, I was just assuming. Right now, I am talking to someone, it reminds me of him; I must not assume. It’s easy to put yourself underContinue reading “Love yourself first. Why focus on others’ progress?”

The Choices We’ve Made

IN A BUS Going South Last Sunday, while sitting on a bus, a lady invited me to eat with her. I politely said no and kept on reading the book I recently bought. Hours later, she fell asleep. I am still reading and I kept on turning the pages. She woke up while we askContinue reading “The Choices We’ve Made”

Just do it

We went to Anjo world for the second time! My goal was to experience Gliding in the ice inside the Snow world. There were bad revie hiws but it doesn’t matter to me because it is my goal and it is the experience that counts. I still went. Despite the fact that I’ll have toContinue reading “Just do it”

IL CORSO escapade was a surprise

There is a thinking mind in every situation. Think for yourself, plan ahead and be specific, commit and let it be manifested. We went to IL CORSO with team ok ok. I was surprised that we’re getting there via the CCLEX, and got so quiet enjoying the moment. It was raining that day and weContinue reading “IL CORSO escapade was a surprise”

How solo travelling helps

Solo travelling is quite an adventure and a thrill. If you’re looking for a nice and thrilling adventure, do it yourself. I travelled yesterday, on my own, first time, in North Cebu. It’s far, and I almost got lost but my instincts whispered and I listened. I asked the right people, thanks to my guidingContinue reading “How solo travelling helps”