Surprises are always unexpected!

Out of the blue we were given financial assistance by our kindest company, relief goods and even offered free consultations to help us process the wrath of typhoon Odette.. The depression that we also felt as our neighborhood suffers.. was bad.. Yet, we cheered up! Coz we knew that we’re being taken cared of. SomeoneContinue reading “Surprises are always unexpected!”

Alas! It’s December!

December is a perfect time to let go, to forgive, to thank, to move on, to set goals, to set priorities, to make timelines, to review your life this year, to learn from your mistakes and to start a gratitude journal for the good things that happened to you this year! I am always thankfulContinue reading “Alas! It’s December!”

Getting out from my comfort zone #8! Meeting new people

I have committed myself to do things I haven’t done before or anything that I haven’t mastered yet. If I want to make friends and be able to socialize a bit, then I must come out and let go of my fear while keeping my guard up. We can still enjoy even if we’re careful,Continue reading “Getting out from my comfort zone #8! Meeting new people”

Choosing the other way

Hearing these dirty little cursive words of the man who lived next door, afraid of her angelic voice, with his mother a great supporter of cursive thoughts. A sister who’s been acting like a child to cover up her dirty little thoughts. Their father who will come to you, boasting at your face hoping toContinue reading “Choosing the other way”