Look at the BIG Picture

“Look at the BIG Picture.” That’s what my economics teacher always reminded us. At first, I did not understand, I didn’t understand what he meant. He just want us to look at the big picture and I guess I am slowly getting it and I will apply my understanding with Odette PH. After Odette PH,Continue reading “Look at the BIG Picture”

Simplicity Matters: Detoxify at Bakhawan Cordova

Life is a miracle, we must rejoice it and celebrate while we still have it. Yesterday was a blast! With friends, I got replenished. While negativities were released, positive vibes now added. I am indeed one of the blessed. Those precious times worth the wait. Planted in our minds before it happened. Thanks to theContinue reading “Simplicity Matters: Detoxify at Bakhawan Cordova”

Sacred heart of Jesus

Where the oppressed and depressed go. Your house is always open to us. We are always welcome to dine. With your Eucharist, we feel so blessed. Once again, we filled in the gap and the need of belongingness within us. Your mother is the best. You shared it with us and humbly we are soContinue reading “Sacred heart of Jesus”

Making dreams come true

I was sitting on the tricycle, waiting for a company. I was there for already 30 minutes and no one came by. My friends were already heading to our destination. They were so excited. They met up together and I went all alone. While I was sitting there, I realized how lonely I was, waitingContinue reading “Making dreams come true”

The other side of the coin

There was a storm, a very very big storm. It crashes the whole world. It was so dark, nothing can be seen. Dark clouds filled with heaviness. Pours down the rain, never stop, like there’s no ending. Here comes the next day, and then the next day, but the light never comes. When you’re almostContinue reading “The other side of the coin”