Look at the BIG Picture

“Look at the BIG Picture.” That’s what my economics teacher always reminded us. At first, I did not understand, I didn’t understand what he meant. He just want us to look at the big picture and I guess I am slowly getting it and I will apply my understanding with Odette PH. After Odette PH,Continue reading “Look at the BIG Picture”

The Importance of Communication and Making Quick Decisions

Hey it’s Vacation time! Right now I’m in my sofa bed and just chilling. I want to write about something cool. I had an experience when I was 13 years old, HS time! I was taking our midterm or final exam in.. I totally forgot but anyway, I had a problem choosing whether to doContinue reading “The Importance of Communication and Making Quick Decisions”

Stay Balanced (take what resonates, leave the rest)

Stay conscious stay balance, evils will try to bring you down back to your past. The crazy actors will try to hypnotize you to keep your head down low so you will see what’s ahead of you. All these people are blocking the light to help me feel helpless all the way. Then they canContinue reading “Stay Balanced (take what resonates, leave the rest)”