The Importance of Communication and Making Quick Decisions

Hey it’s Vacation time! Right now I’m in my sofa bed and just chilling. I want to write about something cool. I had an experience when I was 13 years old, HS time! I was taking our midterm or final exam in.. I totally forgot but anyway, I had a problem choosing whether to do something about my urge to poo and pee, I had to decide whether to go out or do it inside our classroom.

We had a very cute classroom in HS, and I haven’t really tried pooping in our comfort room so I am not really sure that if I poo or pee my “Focused and So Silent” classmates will hear it coming out 😂. Anyways, while I was thinking so hard, I decided to stop answering my test paper because I was stopping my urge to really let it out. I was very angry at myself because I stopped answering and I also stopped myself. I literally didn’t do anything.

Well, I had two options, take the risk of pooping and peeing there and be put to shame or bullied right after, but the problem is that, the last time I checked there was no water. Poo will not be flashed and then what if someone will see before flashing it. Anyways, the whole point is that, I was so scared that others will know that poo because it smells or it’s not flashed.

I was thinking, if that would happen, it will take forever to carry the shame and would end up being so alone because they will not stop bullying me. Guess what, it may not have happened but I still end up being alone and shy even if I was a top student. There’s something else I could have done that will not put me to shame and could have been respected. I could have asked my teacher, like “Excuse me Sir, I really needed to poo but I guess there’s no water in the comfort room, do you have any suggestion where to poo poo around here?” But guess what, I still didn’t do it. I had all those ideas like, “Going to my Female teachers and asking them if they can allow me to poo where they poo, but I was too scared of being rejected because I had thought in mind that they will reject it because my mother did when I was a child (she doesn’t listen), only my father would, I mean he’s always my life saver 😁, Kudos to all fathers out there!! Wew!

But most importantly, I did not went to the teachers because I thought they’re gonna gossip about me, of course they would, or maybe not? Some won’t, the good ones will understand, I knew of someone but she wasn’t my advisor that time, and I’ll always remember when she told me “You did your part.” Oh it’s a different story but I was kinda sharing her about my problem when I was in 4th Year HS. She wasn’t my advisor but they’re both very supportive to me and her sister. I am just very lucky. So I really believe in Luck. Lucky to have met those highly professional teachers I really admired so much. And our Principal for fathering me that time I claimed my card diploma. He said, “Don’t get pregnant or else haha” something like that, so I finished college because I said yes to them.

Anyways, I’m just very thankful and grateful to have met them all specially my friends out there, they’re cool! I mean I’m so lucky they’re all very good influence to me, very kind and very open. Meeting them was the best in the world growing up and I’m so happy that even if we’re miles away, I am still welcome and I’m always welcome, I know I am. Char.

Anyways, going back to my decision making problem, I could have whispered my concern to my second year advisor so that my classmates will not hear. I could have excused myself, but I was too slow in making up the decision that he went back to the office before I made up my mind. It was a crazy moment and I learned something out from that, “Decide Quickly.” I knew Sir was like a father to me too, they all are, I just didn’t asked, I was too undecided that I end up stopping my poo until the next period and finished my exam on time, oh there was still time left but there’s another class coming and the urge to poo and pee was gone. The Craziest experience ever. I suffered not because of them but because of my indecision. It was all in my mind, all those fearful thoughts aren’t true and probably wouldn’t have to happen.

My Lesson for you today is that, “Decide Now! Do it Now! Don’t Delay! Be quick and don’t hold yourself back trying something else that won’t work.” All I needed was, to excuse myself so that he will know I am gone and I’ll go to my friends house nearby or go somewhere I can poo like I used to. The only difference is that the exam was very important to me and I care too much about nonsense, for sure he wouldn’t care if it’s important. My personal urge was also very important to me but I was trying to impress them maybe? Too much that I forgot about impressing myself first. I shouldn’t have suffered if we could just do it quick and return.

Do it Fast Everybody .. Let’s do it fast 😂 Impress yourself first before others.

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