Allowing Effortless Relaxation

I just came back from my morning troll at the Millenium Park, my next schedule would be to go to church but I would insert this writing habit for a bit.

I had this question in mind, “How can I allow myself to relax, to not tense, to calm down, with ease.” Now I got the answer, I saw those birds flying and I thought, if I am that bird, would I shoot myself, pull myself down, or allow it to fly and do her own thing.

My point is that, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, allow yourself to fly, let yourself do her own thing, have fun and enjoy what you’re doing. Assuring the self that in the end of the day, “You’ll be all right” will help her relax and safe to be successful.

I’m halfway there!! 🥳

Walking is relaxing. I know it’s hard to allow yourself to stand specially when you’re so busy and you feel like the future depends on that thing you’re doing right now – you make a lot of excuses just not to do what is Urgent, like relaxing, travelling, having adventure anywhere.

I know that fear of shame is the only reason why you stayed still. You can always get out and do what is urgent. You can always return right? If it will affect your future, so be it, there is always tomorrow after today. Life is so fragile to be wasted staying still, hiding from danger.

Danger is everywhere and it’s uncontrollable, that’s something we cannot control, we have to accept that, all we have to do is to be careful all the time. Even if we choose to stay, we still need to be careful anyway. My teacher once said, “If it’s not going to kill you, do it.” I mean, writing won’t, it helps you relax and share good thoughts.

Walking around, hassling, exercising, eating healthy, learning new skills- all of those doesn’t kill, do it. Trying new hobbies like writing, doesn’t harm, it’s therapeutic. Learning new languages, new ways of writing, new style, new lifestyle, I think it’s not going to kill. Gossips and shame doesn’t kill too, you just have to ignore them and let the birds be themselves.

Remember that dogs really bark if it’s something new until they get used to it and become open to change themselves and become more of their best selves. I think it’s awesome to be yourself. I think it’s cool to be who you want to be, I believe the rest of the world will adjust not for you but for themselves.

I was once bullied because I was laughing a lot and my nose poop came out like a balloon, it popped in my face and someone laugh at it but the other doesn’t. He had mercy and I am so happy. There is always another side of a wrong coin, you just have to choose which one is best for you at the moment.

Choosing which one is best for you, will really help you become the best version of you. Choose someone who will allow you to fly, something that’s not forcing you, something that respects your choices and yourself most importantly. If it’s going to support you and accept you without forcing themselves to, then be there.

Relax, always choose the hard things in life and then challenge yourself to make it happen. Living is hard. Maintaining balance is hard. Staying in silence is also hard. Keeping yourself intact is also hard. Life is fragile, here now gone tomorrow. My pets died and nothing’s left, but another batch will come, so just let it go.

Allow your gentle life to do what is hard and grow out from it. Life is not taken from hardships, it’s the simplest things that we do that makes us feel life as useless. But if we’re doing something hard and great, it will make you feel valuable, trusted, and you will be encouraged to live life to the fullest.

So, don’t let hardships stopped you. Let it be a challenge. If you feel like dying, rest but keep the hardships going, it will help you grow more and more. Let the relaxation be your gift and let it be a bonus for you. Allow yourself to enjoy life and have fun as long as it won’t kill you. Too much relaxation makes you feel unwanted, go where the pain and hardships go, it’s where you will feel more relaxed in the end.

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