Alas! It’s December!

December is a perfect time to let go, to forgive, to thank, to move on, to set goals, to set priorities, to make timelines, to review your life this year, to learn from your mistakes and to start a gratitude journal for the good things that happened to you this year! I am always thankfulContinue reading “Alas! It’s December!”

Allowing Effortless Relaxation

I just came back from my morning troll at the Millenium Park, my next schedule would be to go to church but I would insert this writing habit for a bit. I had this question in mind, “How can I allow myself to relax, to not tense, to calm down, with ease.” Now I gotContinue reading “Allowing Effortless Relaxation”

What’s your end Goal?

How to handle people who keep on trying to get you involved in their bad decisions, questioning your emotions, and trying to prove you wrong of feeling bad about them. They ask you questions with answers that they can easily deny, they knew how you react, they have predicted it. Say for example, “What haveContinue reading “What’s your end Goal?”

What can you get from writing

Writing could be a source of income, but most importantly, it is a good source of knowledge. For example, I am writing this to learn more about myself. Who I am can be seen through the way I write things. I can hear my own voice through writing, something that cannot come out from myContinue reading “What can you get from writing”

One pattern, One goal

Business is real, even problems are real.Just like everything else, good or bad, it all started with just one little thing that becomes bigger.Just like how one little fire causes an explosion if someone feeds it with water. Fear not, like how I fear, because once you were just a little child, being supported andContinue reading “One pattern, One goal”