Something good happened yesterday

It was my lucky day. Although, I am always lucky manifesting it. I feel guilty sometimes because of that and at the same time it gives me the drive to do my best to show proof that I indeed deserved it. Sometimes, you just have to be thankful and grateful for all the blessings that’sContinue reading “Something good happened yesterday”

What Jungkook is preparing for?

I am a fan of Jungkook. He’s Mr. Jeon Jungkook. He’s so famous and I am so interested in knowing what’s in his mind. What keeps him pushing hard, and what inspires him to be funny and makes us all laugh. For sure, Jungkook is behind all his acts, he knew what he’s doing, howContinue reading “What Jungkook is preparing for?”

What can you get from writing

Writing could be a source of income, but most importantly, it is a good source of knowledge. For example, I am writing this to learn more about myself. Who I am can be seen through the way I write things. I can hear my own voice through writing, something that cannot come out from myContinue reading “What can you get from writing”