What Jungkook is preparing for?

I am a fan of Jungkook. He’s Mr. Jeon Jungkook. He’s so famous and I am so interested in knowing what’s in his mind. What keeps him pushing hard, and what inspires him to be funny and makes us all laugh.

For sure, Jungkook is behind all his acts, he knew what he’s doing, how to make you laugh, how to behave to make you feel ticklish and feel the laughter of being tickled somewhere.

I mean he’s just so funny. He is amazing. He is tickling you and me and we just loved it so much. For those who love him by the way and accept his passion and his creative mind.

I am a fan of him. I first saw him 2019 while I was in a Caregiving class, unfortunately only through a video. But even that, he’s able to show his true self and the camera just captured it so beautifully.

I knew he is something, and I’m definitely not into KPop. I first knew about BTS and the first time I saw all seven, Jung kook caught my attention. It’s just too powerful.. so unique and so different. It’s almost nonexistent.

But anyways, I was having hard time identifying V from Jin, Suga, RM,Jhope, Jimin, at first they just look almost the same, but JK isn’t. He’s so unique, can stand on his own but too scared to be alone, he wants to be surrounded by good influencers because he wants to grow up a better man and he saw the innocence of RM, he thought he’s a good guy, and He’s right.

And now, I thought about what really keeps him going, that he wanted to grow as fast as he can because of course someday, BTS might be disbanded. He’s so into the members and he’s worried about what’s going to happen after turning each others back which will not happen by the way, because BTS will always be better people and better friends as long as they will remember to look back where they’re coming from, same with us, we can talk as many stories as we can and it will bond us all together.

Right now, he’s helping himself to slowly accept that one day, he’s going to do something else aside from the things that he’s currently doing. He wants to be a good man, to live not so insecure from his past self. One of his songs Decalcomane is from his future self, singing, looking back at his baby self, who used to be the star and now he’s gone. If JK will remember the basic things in life, he won’t be lost.

It’s so sad, but all he ever wanted is a family. What he’s preparing for is to have his own family, to love, to cherish, to support, to nurture. He wants to be of help to the community just like everyone does. He wants to be doing something else and that’s what makes him good at almost everything because he didn’t stop learning.

I may not have seen him, but his passion for work is not of forever fame. He have already accepted the future. I believe the 6 others have the same state of mind and purpose belief and vision for themselves. They are made to accept themselves for who they are and who they will become in the future. They knew where they are and so they knew how to act according to the truth.

As you can see they’re so humble despite of their success, because they knew that one day, all their successes will only become history. And they’re preparing for that day to come that they’re no longer with the band having their own individual course of life.

Jungkook, V are in love with life. The rest are having fun, and RM wants to support that. He’s a good listener and that’s what makes him a good leader. Jung kook wants to have a family but he’s still too young for that. He wanted to grow fast and if he will find the right one, he will be at his happiest.

I believe he can sense true love is near but they haven’t met yet. And because of their different lives it would be almost impossible for the woman to show herself. And it would be so hard for JK to find her because of the crowd.

Sometimes, he’s sad that he still haven’t met her in person, and army’s gave him the love that he’s always thankful and grateful of what he have. That he gave back everything he got to them. He’s got army for now and that gave him the courage to become better everyday. He felt very accepted and loved and he couldn’t stop thanking us all for accepting him. He’s definitely having fun healing.

In the end of the way, all we want is to be accepted and to be loved for who we are not they expected us to be. To be accepted of the silly stuffs were doing and still thinks it’s cute because they trusted us that we can still be best even if we had so much flaws.

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to laugh too much, it’s okay to be silly. It’s something only BTS can do, because we’re not bullies and they’re not afraid of being bullied. Even if they are, they acknowledge their flaws and have fun anyway knowing that it’s over, let’s do it again the right way. Like every start is a new opportunity to do the right thing.

Army since 2019! Not a sassing but an avid follower. Inspired by their good intention and their passion in communication arts. Remember your youth while it’s fresh, don’t let yourself forget the little things that matters. It’s really okay to laugh like no one’s watching. And it’s definitely okay to laugh like no one cares. You can never go wrong by laughing at yourself the right way like Jimin does.

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