My 10 list of Goals 6 Months Ago

6 months ago, I came across a book. This book teaches me the value of writing. It was like magic. Yes! It was magic. But it was only an ordinary notebook I wrote my 6 goals year 2020.

In that book, the author says that if you write 10 goals every year and put your list somewhere, forget it a bit, just keep it for you to check it in the end of every year; you will find yourself surprised with the accomplishments you have made.

So I did because I believed in it. So it happened. Today is January 2021. 6 months ago, I wrote about my 10 goals. One of it is this blog, I wrote having my own blog under my name, and so it did happened. Second was to have my first investment, in retirement plans, other savings, etc. So it did happened.

3rd, to be able to buy an Oppo phone and pay off by other phone and of course my Caregiving tuition and allowances although it’s an on going payment right now, but I started it. I didn’t say I my list that it’ll be fulfilled within that year, it says it will be.

4th, I became a member of a community. A big one. I was very happy, I paid it in full. 5th, I attended a seminar, a training that I always dream and desire to attend. Finally, that training finished yesterday. I passed all my trainings included my jobs training.

Although it’s a long long dream and desire to finally give allowances to my brother. So it did. I have plenty by the way and all of these little achievements I have written somewhere. Maybe this year, if I will be so blessed, I’d like to meet BTS up close. I want to see JK’s bunny smile. But I am keeping it open for next year and next next years ahead. But I know it’s one of my destination.

I am just sharing. If you’re wondering what that book is. Email me. I will share it with you, I hope it is still in my files. I transferred it somewhere. Books that have read. For now, I am reading books about the skills I want to develop, like driving, cooking, etc. I want to be ready before I take on those classes.

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