Lessons I learned from running away

Lessons I learned from running away

In life there is always ups and downs. Sometimes, you have to run away to figure things out. But if you think you’ll lose the race then you’ll have to stop running, that’s where the problem starts coming. But If you want to really figure things out, keep walking but don’t stop yet, just walk away from it. You may not avoid people you hate, people who’s good at lowering your self esteem specially your self confidence with their sharp words plus ugly tone of voice, you can always walk away from it, ignore it, and remind yourself “Their opinion, sorrows, anger and bad intention is none of your business.” Eventually, they’ll stop specially if they started feeling their own bad intention.

It doesn’t matter who, could be anybody closer to you, anybody who have been supporting you, as if supporting you just to have something to report and make them appear the best and you became the least. Someday, you’ll give back, so just keep the faith and let them be themselves. And because you have respected them but they have disrespected you back anyway, just find another way to make yourself more happy.

It’s easy to ignore you know. It used to be. But when your EGO started butting in, it’s pretty hard not to fight back. In that case, simply fight a good fight. Telling the truth itself will simply shut them off. Truth hurts, that’s something your enemy does not want to hear. If you don’t want to hear bad comments and feedbacks from them specially if it’s not true, they too doesn’t want to hear truths. But I do! I like truths, I’d rather be told the right thing, than being gossiped right in front of me as if I do not exist and not listening. I cannot tell her name nor my relationship to her but she does exist. It was merely an act, because it could kill them. You’ll have to smile a bit in order to live.

You see, evils do exist, but it’s not a monster, it’s a human being with bad intention, on purpose. Someone who will do everything just to hurt you, belittle you or make you appear so down that you will ended up pettying in your self, that if you will let them win. But if you want to win, think positive thoughts, brace yourself and make yourself appear strong no matter what. You will become stronger anyway, so just do it. It’s not going to harm you, believe it. It will help you become who you want to be. All blessings will pour upon you, then it’s the right time to give back everything they have given to you. They may not stop hurting you, but your life is getting better anyway and their life is none of your business. Eventually, they’ll become who they think you are.

Bad energies attacking you is just temporary, it will return back to its master because it cannot live longer in a highly positive place, specially if you make yourself sacred, you devote yourself to forgiveness and close doors to those who wants to hurt you. It will die. You’re not crazy you know? You knew that a flame hurts when you touch it so keep your distance and stay calm. When it sparks, just stay calm. Know that it’s not doing anything to harm you. It’s there to light your way but don’t stand too close to it. Like driving, keep your distance. But if they’re risk takers anyway, then it’s not your fault if they’ll burn into ashes. Do not run away, never again, just because you care. Let them come to you, and know that you’re safe.

You can become a flame too, then you become untouchable. And if they’ll try touching your calmness, they’ll burn to fire. Sounds so painful if you put yourself in their shoes, but guess what, keep it on, it protects you, and if it’s off, then light it on. Evils lives in the dark and they’re not monsters, they’re human. It’s their choice to hurt you and touch your peace, then they deserve pain. It will give them lessons. Lesson for you, keep distance and let people be calm if they are. Respect and keep quiet, just let it warm you a bit, but do not step on it if you want peace. Now be the flame that hurts instead of a candle stick that melts down and easily get burn when you light it up. But do it only when they started touching your inner peace. They deserve a better teacher, and that teacher is you. Do not run away, face them. Nor turn off your light, keep it on.

Published by Pinky Rose

Hi My Name is Roselyn and I am a Graduate in Business Administration Major in Management Accounting. I wanted to pursue a degree related to Property Management. I saw Commerce as something new to me. The Mother side of the family have Nurses and I want to become a Doctor in Psychology. They're soldiers too! I applied for PAF but wasn't allowed to take the exam because of my Myopia. The father side are into Politics and Farming, I could have taken Political Science or Agriculture, but my choice goes to Accountancy because it sounds so cool and it has a board exam (a requirement to be a Scholar). There are also teachers on my father side. My father is a good farmer, I love his plants. I hope I can offer him something very important. He stopped schooling, he choose to help his parents at the farm instead. My Mother was emotional and stopped schooling too. Later on, she had me then my brother; until she became emotional again and stopped being our mother. Me? I am always blessed and loved by the Universe and the Earthlings, they saw my potential and eagerness to learn new things. I choose to stay and share my knowledge. I wanted to become someone with a different attitude towards life; I'd rather not give than give out of pity; so if I'll give you something, it means you deserve it, not out of bias; I also want to be treated the same, win or lose I'll feel better, as long as it is righteous. Losing/failing will help me change and do the right thing. I am also into writing because I have plenty of ideas. I hope to earn a PHD; research papers are quite interesting; I will really have fun! I am into dancing, just for fun; Dancing is so funny specially if you can't get the steps then getting it right after, it doesn't bore. Singing is my natural born talent but I'm just kidding, maybe not 😃 just manifesting it. I have a book at Amazon KDP : https://amazon.com/roselynmina; written mostly to thank those who have helped me grow spiritually. I finished my Caregiving Training from Feb 2019 to Jan 2020; then became a certified career since 2021. I am working on my personal business, to pursue my passion with a purpose to help the world heal emotionally. I am becoming successful in this kind of business and I claimed it, because I want to manifest it. I am a team player, I want to have fun. I am kindhearted and beautiful inside and out but don't get me wrong, it depends on the person I'm dealing with, I can be rude too like super rude! Taking advantage of me is big no no. You'll get what you deserve later on. I am a goal-oriented person, passionate in writing and sharing the right way. I am in love in all new things specially with JK's personality; he made me laugh out loud, it's so healing. My academic side isn't that bad but also not too good because I still have a lot of knowledge to earn. My friend advised me to exaggerate little achievements though to help me attract more of it. I have a good voice and a good sense of humor if I choose to let it all out. I am passionate and compassionate. I practice an attitude of gratitude. I prefer to be alone than be surrounded by bad influencial people, but I am keeping my heart open for the good guys too. I am receiving support from the Angelic Beings and a future husband that communicates with me telepathically; I'm not sure if I have met him already, all I know is that, he can guide me well. Whenever I am out of my mind and feeling like in danger, he takes over; I may or may not recognize him personally but it doesn't matter, I think he can but I have trust issues so it's normal to not meet him sooner and it's also normal to not recognize him, I guess he already knew. I have an eye in music and arts and love to cook for me. If you believe you will be healed if you'll ask me to heal you intuitively then you will, but it was you that heals you, not me. I can dance and laugh. I am treasuring happy memories. I welcome new experiences. I'm excited with first time events I can travel, take pictures of me with my coalleagues. I can contribute and be of service. I like Song Joongkis movies 😁 he's such a good actor, I have watched most of his movies, but all of his movies in Netflix. But above all, I really love Photography! It's beautiful and exciting to look for good angles. It's a great brain exercise to look at better things in life. ❤ Welcome to my Blog! You're allowed to share your thoughts in the comment sections. Also, please follow and share if you like my artwork. It will help me notice that we share the same values.

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