How to do the right thing when crazy people puts you down and how to get up

Doing the right thing is pretty easy, just be happy!
I mean seriously, that’s the most basic step of doing the right thing.

When you’re relaxed and open to possibilities, you will have plenty of ideas in mind, allowing good thoughts, good memories, valuable lessons to come to mind.

Depending on the “What” is the topic about or what situation you’re in that you wish you can do the right thing then you can set your focus.

I think it’s pretty much handy, isn’t it. Doable like supa easy. You can make it right according to JK’s song. It’s cool isn’t it? It inspires me a billion times, char. I mean, who wouldn’t.

A friend of mine taught me that, taught me to be happy again, after I lost the appetite to be happy because of bullying. That every time I choose to be happy, an angry voice would scare the hell out of me. Like it wants me to cry and it sounds bad because I feel like I was being played like a baby. Maybe this is how they treated me before, then I decided to grow up.

My happiness is my choice, my sadness is mine as well. So if others wants me to cry, I’ll just say NO to them, after all, I am no longer a child that they can dictate what to feel. I have plenty of emotional choices now, I can get angry if I wanted to, or I can laugh at them like they fell at their own ugly jokes.

I’m so done reacting and responding based on others wants. I can take control with the topic and divert my opponents mind with just one question out of nowhere. It sounds smart it is, but crazy people does that too.

That reminds me of the article I wrote, the differences between craziness and professionalism (link Smart people divert topics for the better, but the crazy ones will divert your attention to bring you down, and your past mistakes and bad memories they hold about you are their beast weapon.

But the Smart people’s weapons are the little achievements they earned from doing the right thing. The end of it all, the smartest still persist, while the crazy are being left behind wasting their time bullying you, not minding their own business, not even thanking nor realizing the little achievements they’ve earned themselves.

But above all, knowing that this crazy people lives within your brain makes you laugh out loud, knowing that it’s always you all along. The outsiders suggestions only triggers the thought that you already know about you, and then everything follows, emotions flow uncontrollably if you allow their tone of sadbess and dissappointment to dictate your reaction, but if you allow laughter and joy to accept what you have already conquered, then you jump to the achievements you have earned in the end, your heart celebrates!

Celebrating, laughing and just being happy about the past is just the most basic and the most urgent and important step in doing the right thing. Then the past will no longer creates cloud of emotions that will cover your visions. You will see what’s next, and the right thing to do will present itself clearly like it has come to you because you have called it and you allowed it to come because you did allowed it anyway.

Oh well, allowing is just pretty scary if you allow the wrong emotions and thoughts to lead your way. Doing the right thing starts from within, specifically your emotions and how you handle it, how you chose to relate it to your thoughts. And now that you’ve grown up, you have the choice to select the right thoughts and emotions and do the right thing. Others wants of you and choices shouldn’t influence you because you’re an adult now, you have your own journey to take that requires different pairs of emotions, thoughts and actions in order to get through it.

Never felt bullied again, just laugh at it and be happy that in the end you have accomplished and finished everything anyway! Remember that crazy people does that too but they will laugh at you instead of themselves. Laugh at your past with acceptance and celebration that you have learned a lot from it and you have developed skills that made you effective and efficient now.

How you goal for that achievement is the same way you can get over from the bullyings they’ve thrown at you. In the end, you have succeeded anyway. It’s like pooping by the way, allowing yourself to come close, then pushing it when it’s already there. To move on or next to that, you clean, stand and let go of your comfort room. That’s how you get up after being put to shame, now walk away from them and look forward. Only crazy people play with their own poop. Let it go!

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