What’s the difference between Craziness & Professionalism & How to finish it

You know what, my teacher taught me this. He’s my caregiving teacher by the way. He once said, something like, well if I remembered it correctly, something like, “Sanity is just one twist to insanity.” Can you imagine how’s that mean to me? It’s pretty scary isn’t it?

Now I get it. In my child self’s past, my neighbors used to label mentally troubled person as a person with a “twisted brain.” Most of them are too smart, bright, and known to have been so good in their academic side. OMG, please spare me. Char. Anyways, if that’s the case then what’s the difference between Craziness & Professionalism?

Can you see it now? First let us see their similarities. Well, they keep repeating thoughts. The professional became professional because they keep repeating the right thought with action. While the crazy one became crazy because they keep repeating the right thought without action, meaning they didn’t finish anything, because they’re not doing it? Right?

Well, pretty much it. A friend asked me if I can see the difference without specifically giving me scenarios, and call me CRAZY right after. OMG that hurts my ego. Then told me, tell me if there’s changes. So I created my own scenario and share what I have already experienced through observation. I kinda acknowledged that and go on with this firing desire to accept change. Come on now! 😆

So that’s another way to become professional at something. You become a scientist. You plan, observe, experiment, implement and do the hypothesis and be open for change whatever the results maybe. I hope my plan will work because I am definitely not yet taking big action or implementing, I am still observing and experimenting myself for now.

If part of me is troubled mentally, a subject of distortion and schizophrenia, depression, all due to self denial of who you trully are and what really happened. Then my instinct is right, “Self Acceptance” is 1st step towards change.”

Oh so this is another difference between CRAZINESS and professionalism. Professional people aren’t scared of change because they knew it is for the best and it’s improving them and helping them become the best version of themselves even if it means having to step back a little and a little more to have fun doing what you’re already good at, yet also knowing that you’re leveling up in no time. They just allow things to happen. They trust themselves that however tough and full of pressure the road ahead is going to be, they will have fun getting through it. They know when to say NO and when to say YES because they knew what’s for the best. They can accept their own weakness and is committed to make it better every single day.

You know what a labelled CRAZY person would do? She will stop change, no matter how will it cost. Even if it will cost her life. So this is why crazy people cannot accept not being accepted, or being put back to that place she was once at. They think stepping back down or stepping backwards makes their life worthless and it means death to them and so they ended up being homeless because they resist and refuse to go back home. You know what will happen if you don’t go home. You’ll end up dead lost in the street. That’s where the Church gets in, a story of Jesus welcoming the one’s who lost home to return to. And I am one of them.

Well, now that I have a new home, I know where to return to. A home welcoming me. I am not scared to return back to my new home because I am welcomed there. It’s an open house for everyone! I was like the child assassin Sinbad saved. Alrighty! The same kind of feeling, have you noticed. It’s one source for sure. I love how religious heroic stories are! Now I know I love Japan!

This is why I love writing so much! Click that linkhttps://wp.me/pbVqQ9-Dl to read more about it.

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