Live Now now, Tomorrow May Not Come

Today, we’re discussing about investing for the future, but we agreed that we must invest more for today because tomorrow will not come without now, it’s a process dude! Today is the most important day of your life, be here, live, love, laugh, thank, and do not procrastinate doing the things you can, hehe, IContinue reading “Live Now now, Tomorrow May Not Come”

This will Silence your inner critic: Secret to a successful meditation

Good day! I’m still cooking rice so I will write while waiting until it’s cooked. These days, oh in the past few days, the past few months, the past few years, noises have been my greatest pitfalls. It’s my trigger, I got angry when it happened and I struggled a lot. I figured out somethingContinue reading “This will Silence your inner critic: Secret to a successful meditation”

Refocusing: Doing things right

It’s better to be reprimanded for doing the right thing than suffer from guilt and resentment for not doing what is right; it’s the worst self torture in the whole world. I may not be perfect, but if I know what is right I’ll do it right. So if I’m doing it wrong, that meansContinue reading “Refocusing: Doing things right”

Start looking up, stop looking down

Hey, did you know? What you focus on will attract more of it? If I were you, I’ll focus on the good side of everything while acknowledging the existence of the other side. Sometimes, no not sometimes, it is my default reaction to look down to myself and others that I do not like; soContinue reading “Start looking up, stop looking down”

Directing attention to the right focus

Char! Sometimes, the reason why we’re not getting what we really wanted, it’s because we’re focusing at the wrong side. Pushing so hard only means it’s not the right door if it doesn’t open. It’s the same pattern with people,but someone still choose somebody else, then she’s not the right person for you, look atContinue reading “Directing attention to the right focus”

Staying Grounded

If it’s already good, no need to compare it; rather, appreciate it and keep improving it.Comparison can make you feel inferior or superior.But if you are already feeling inferior, take it as an opportunity, see what else you can do best to help yourself; without fear, without regrets. If you are already superior, lower downContinue reading “Staying Grounded”

Power of Ignorance

What else does she have?Got foot to walk.A hand to write.A nose to breathe.A beautiful eyes to see.A place to jog.A sky to watch.A sun to heat her up.A water to keep her hydrated.A sexy mind that’s learning differently.Goals that keeps her going.A job that’s so fantastic.A rule that’s so important.A team that’s so supportive.AContinue reading “Power of Ignorance”

How to achieve your hearts desires

Focus makes me feel alive, away from bad thoughts.My goal for this year is to be distant from them.I will focus on moving forward and getting through life alone.Focusing on what will make my life valuable in the near future.The contributions I have made, and the actions I have taken to make it all possible.Continue reading “How to achieve your hearts desires”