This will Silence your inner critic: Secret to a successful meditation

Good day! I’m still cooking rice so I will write while waiting until it’s cooked.

These days, oh in the past few days, the past few months, the past few years, noises have been my greatest pitfalls. It’s my trigger, I got angry when it happened and I struggled a lot.

I figured out something that shuts off the noises as if it’s not even real, by focusing myself into silence. It’s hard to focus at silence when you’re also hearing the noises, but if you just going to let it flow and let it be, knowing the truth that it will just pass by like how the river flows- It’s not going to hurt and it can’t hurt you, unless you focus there.

What you focus on, you get drawn to.. That is why, when you’re at the bridge or anywhere higher, don’t look down, turn your focus up, and enjoy the view, so that you will not jump off the bridge. What you focus on, invites you in, so might as well focus onto something you like to surround yourself with or you like doing.

When meditating, you noticed that you react to your thoughts as if it’s real and you’re not even asking yourself to do it, it just happen. It’s when you’re not paying attention to something intentionally- that automatic negative self critic automatically comes out of nowhere, like lyrics to a song.

When you listen to a music, you follow through the lyrics right? It’s the same with critical thinking, once a triggering thought comes in, the rest will follow like it will never end. Like a thread that never stops. You must ask yourself a good question.

Right! A question that triggers your positive responses, positive reactions. Talk about the last time you went out with your friend. Talk about how it feels like. Talk about the last time you had the best meal ever. Just mention it and remind yourself that time someone told you, “You’re fine” when you self doubt.

It’s beautiful to meditate with purpose, or when you meditate with a guide; because if you don’t have one, your natural response mechanism that’s been there within you for generations, the false stories, the bad thoughts, bad conversation, bad suggestions, and bad tune will just play on its own.

A good meditation is when you have control in your thoughts. You control the conversation, where it’s going to have a beautiful and smooth conversation. Those are just triggers- it’s very important to have good triggers.. to fight off those who wants to put you into stress.

There are really bitches who knew how to make you feel bad about yourself, but there are also who can make you feel good; but the best person that can be your best advisor is your self, because you know your self better than anyone else. Giving good advises and showing yourself the good consequences and the positive outcomes will help your best self come out.

So if you’re advising or communicating with your self or others, keep it cool and keep it positive- think of the positive outcome- think of that goal- and follow through. You must set it, otherwise, you’ll be like a monkey, you move from one thought to another without even finishing a thing.

When you play dart, you must focus on the goal, that’s hitting the red dot in the center. That’s your goal. If you don’t have it set in your mind or if you don’t have a clear goal, you’ll become a blind player, not knowing where to throw and how to throw it. If you know your end goal, you’ll know how to get there.

We are like magical beings, like Google maps- when we know where we’re going, and then we start searching ways to get there, we’ll have so many options, it’s up to us which way to go, as long as we will end up getting there. You see?

This applies to all areas of our lives. We must set one focus, and one focus at a time in order to achieve that goal. If you want good result, then focus on the better end goal. Like in meditation, if you know your intention, you’ll find it. For example, if you want silence, then focus on silence- start with your surroundings.

Find a quiet place where you can easily tune in, when the chatters start coming up. Setting a goal like 10 minutes focusing on silence alone is an end goal. Well, achieving good result always require dedication and decision making. Making a decision is hard, that’s the only hard thing- once you have decided, you’ll start having fun and behaving the right way🥳. Trust that the universe will show you how- you will know how, just decide now.

Enjoy meditating, decide now! Hahah – I’ll do the same. Everything requires discipline and commitment. That’s the only way to succeed. 😁

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