When it’s getting harder

Go for it, when it’s getting harder.

I figured out that the hardest decisions are the righteous ones. It’s when you start giving up because you feel like you can’t do it anymore. It’s when you feel like there’s nothing more you can do, because if you would you’ll die.

It’s like climbing up an unexpected mountain, we thought it was flat, geez it’s actually going up the hill like a himalayas. We went for a hike last week, it was sunday, with friends, we didn’t expect that Purisima Mountain View is a real mountain, I thought it was just flat. Look how far it is from the city.

It was a hot 🥵 day, if I went alone, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it, I almost collapsed after we arrived.
Yet, here I am.. alive and kicking.

I’m encouraging you to climb up that mountain with friends and have a proper mindset that there’s food waiting, but bring your own because food will be served at 10:00AM and it’s hot when it’s not windy, obviously. So kindly bring a fan with you and an umbrella most importantly.

I’m sharing this because we felt that as we are approaching, like 35 minutes more to go and the way up there keeps getting stiffer stiffer and higher. That 3 minutes walk, I noticed felt like 3 hours walk already, it was crazy but the view was worth it and we made without complaining. I did a bit just to release my tiredness.

We did not stopped, we rested and trusted google maps. Seems like we are now a loyal customer of google maps. There was a point where I thought we took a different road, we were unable to follow the map, but asking questions really helped to assure us that we’re heading the right way. Going back would have been so hard.

The lesson there is that, whenever you feel lost and doubtful don’t hesitate to ask if you’re heading the right way. Majority of the people are good people, just don’t judge then at first glance. Ask and you shall find the answer. Seek and you shall find. That’s so true in all walks of life.

When trekking, I learned how to trust my companions and the people around. We arrived and we feel the safest. Since I was collapsing, the Barbeque cook lend us his “Pamaypay” in tagalog, a fan, kinda. They’re very kind. So kind, I feel so blessed that I went there and we’re so guided.

How kind the people in Consolacion Cebu to strangers. They allowed me to pee when I asked to use their bathroom. I asked how much and they allowed it for free. I am so thankful and grateful. Thanks to my friends who went that day and the Cyclers with their team who entertained us.

Climbing up mountains will remind you that no matter how hard it is, the end goal is always worth it. So keep going now. Rest but never give up specially when it gets tougher. Trust the process. You can do it. Others were able to do it, you too can. I did! My friends did! We’re awesome 😎.

Here’s a vitamin for your 👀 eyes. Barbeque time! So yummy and it’s so tasty.

That’s my Bro. He’s the only one who did not feel tired because he kept on resting, he’s so energetic and he’s always before us. Good job bro! I’m so proud of you 🤗

I mean, that’s the barbeque. And here’s more photo..

Yummy 🤤 So yummy.

I’ll definitely go back there. I will download our walking adventure soon. If you want to see more, search “Getting out from my Comfort zone”. Follow me! 🥳

see ya transformers!!!

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