Squid Game – Reaction

I finished watching the Squid Game Movie the other day but my brother doesn’t, so I had to rewatch the last two episodes today. I thought of exercising my Writing skill and give it a review.

What I learned from Movie – I learned that betting on luck is not a good choice. It is better to enjoy and have fun while earning big or little. To not work for money and to not do anything for money but of joy and happiness.

Earning money has to be a gift and a reward from having fun doing your thing and giving out the best you’ve got. Life becomes easy if we just work with grace and gratitude, knowing that you’re growing and you’re making a difference.

It doesn’t have to be a big difference but at least you’ve done your part and you did the best you can. It’s just a game, but it’s a crazy one. Those rich old man just want to have fun but in a cruel way. They are doing the complete opposite of what a normal human with a good heart would do.

The movie showed us that it wasn’t the rich fault, because it was the gamers who have chosen it in the first place, they were not forced to go but they were tempted by the thought of having the chance of winning it- but the second time around, it’s because they want to satisfy their curiosity.

It’s like gambling but these people gambled their lives for money. It’s a perfect example that if you do it, just for the sake of it, you’ll never live a life. Chasing easy money is like gambling too, coz there’s no easy way, you have to work for it decently.

Money can be found and can be earned as long as you live, but when your life is gone your chance is gone. Life alone is chance to enjoy life and have fun – it’s a treasure that must not be gambled. You must also live, for what is money for if you’re dying with it, make use of it while you can!

Surely, it can buy happiness if you know how to use it. Money is a gift not something to chase upon coz it’s given. You will have what you deserve, just do your part.

I learned that curiosity is key to knowledge, but if your life is on the line, it’s no longer fun. Do other things that you want to learn from. Mind your own business and let others be who they choose to be.

If I were player 456, I would have gone to my daughter that’s waiting for me than go back there just to fight and be curious about why people decided to choose join that game and why those saddest created that game.

He chooses Ego and turn his back. Everything is a choice, there’s nothing you can do. The best thing you can do to people who kept chasing money instead of their dreams is to respect them of their choices. That’s the wisest decision, and it’s not your fault! Those people have their own thinking mind- lessons to learn.. they choose it. Let them be!

“With or without money, how you live life is still your choice; because even if you’ve got plenty of money, if you choose to live like a poor then you’re still poor, coz living rich is a choice.”

The problem is not Money, it’s how you use it. Meaning, money is up to you and how you label it.

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