Squid Game – Reaction

I finished watching the Squid Game Movie the other day but my brother doesn’t, so I had to rewatch the last two episodes today. I thought of exercising my Writing skill and give it a review. What I learned from Movie – I learned that betting on luck is not a good choice. It isContinue reading “Squid Game – Reaction”

What’s your end Goal?

How to handle people who keep on trying to get you involved in their bad decisions, questioning your emotions, and trying to prove you wrong of feeling bad about them. They ask you questions with answers that they can easily deny, they knew how you react, they have predicted it. Say for example, “What haveContinue reading “What’s your end Goal?”

How to relax safely without taking etc.

Oh well, you know what I mean. Alcohol kind of thing? Sleeping pills to keep you in bed? This is how to use Placebo Effect, the right way! It’s kinda addicting, but you’re gonna love it. Now use it only to stimulates feelings, and use it for and you only. Not to make others doContinue reading “How to relax safely without taking etc.”