How to relax safely without taking etc.

Oh well, you know what I mean. Alcohol kind of thing? Sleeping pills to keep you in bed? This is how to use Placebo Effect, the right way!

It’s kinda addicting, but you’re gonna love it. Now use it only to stimulates feelings, and use it for and you only. Not to make others do unto you what you want them to do. In short, with good intentions.

The moment you fail to follow that one simple rule, you’ll lost your way. Period. No more no less. It’s the truth. It’s magic, but it’s dangerous if you don’t know how to use it the right way. That’s why magic is kind of forbidden.

Because if it falls into the wrong hands, they will twist their brains into insanity to attain more and more power, just like the witches movies we kept on watching. It’s the same ending and the same feeling why it happened. The characters changes though and the story itself. But the emotions used are the same.

Have you also noticed my dear? Oh good if you have! You’re maybe young but your wisdom is beyond judgements. I am proud of you. But here you go.

To stimulate relaxant like alcohol does to your body, just act like you’re drunk but you’re not asleep and you’re a good one, not the bad one right? We want to be good witch not a bad one. Anyhow, if you want to stimulate anger, and destruction just be the bad one. Haha. Oh that’s not cool.

Be cool alrighty! Be cool. You’re drunk because you want to release and relax, not because of other things. Be careful with your intentions. That’s the only rule. Always choose the good intention. Period period period.

Now, go! Chill. If you want to stimulate feeling, act don’t do. But if you want material results, then go ahead do it! Like, you know, you’re studying because you want better grades, not because you want to be happy right? Because happiness cannot be found there, it will be stimulated temporarily by the happening of the event itself. It’s a feeling, and it can be stimulated, with or without the thing, just your thought is magic and more than good enough.

Alrighty good drunkards, go ahead and relax, no need to drink anything. Just relax and let go. Like if you want to dance to feel relaxed and you don’t want to dance. Just watch JK dancing, and feel him dancing and you’ll get so relaxed. But if you want to learned dancing and dance like JK, don’t just feel it, do it and follow it.. 😊

Choose what you do, and choose to do the right thing. Don’t let others choose what you do, or else you’ll end up being their puppet. That’s why, asked yourself is this a good deed to do now without considering the fear of past-future thoughts, because again, in this article, I explained it why.

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