What’s your end Goal?

How to handle people who keep on trying to get you involved in their bad decisions, questioning your emotions, and trying to prove you wrong of feeling bad about them.

They ask you questions with answers that they can easily deny, they knew how you react, they have predicted it. Say for example, “What have I done wrong to you?” That will cause anger to someone who knew that they knew what they’ve done and they act like they didn’t know, so that when you tell them, they can deny it immediately, then you’ll appear like you are wrong about them.”

Ah, another manipulation, but you can actually control the situation, before you answer their question, ask them a question first. Well, I believe that the one who first ask the question has the privilege, but if you know how to divert it, they cannot proceed with their plan.

It’s like being a lawyer, if they’re playing mind games, then play with them, do not fight with force not with anger, but play using your mind. Do not play with your emotions because if you do, you have already lost to your enemy.

BUT if you’re playing with the real one, who have a good intention, then consider your emotion because it might help them decide the right way, if they knew the truth. You will know if they have good intentions when it’s not blaming others or putting down others, nor thinking highly of themselves.

You will know it’s pure when they’re just trying to protect someone not of their own personal evil desires. Meaning, the one with good intention isn’t selfish, but the real enemy is the one who’s not protecting someone else but no one. So there’s only one enemy, the one who seeks total distraction, who’s not scared of anything nor death; those who take advantage of life and think of themselves as already dead because that’s their end goal. I knew not just one but many.

It’s fearful that they consider death as the end goal, but for me death is just the beginning of a new life. That’s the only difference between two people. From that goal, your actions and decisions changes. Like for example, if your end goal is death, then you will do everything on your favor even if it will hurt others, you will do the worst to get what you want on your favor.

But if your goal is life, to earn life, to create a new life, to develop a new you, to reinvent yourself, to renew it, to be able to restore youth, balance, to restore joy, to give peace, to help yourself so that you can help others. If you have that mindset, your good actions are automatic. You will start living your day every time. And you will enjoy sharing because you know that if you’re not going to do it now, then when? Selfishness is no longer your priority.

So what’s your end goal? Your choice depends on what you want, you have a clear picture of it now.

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