Power of Ignorance

What else does she have?
Got foot to walk.
A hand to write.
A nose to breathe.
A beautiful eyes to see.
A place to jog.
A sky to watch.
A sun to heat her up.
A water to keep her hydrated.
A sexy mind that’s learning differently.
Goals that keeps her going.
A job that’s so fantastic.
A rule that’s so important.
A team that’s so supportive.
A new family that’s unknown to her yet.

She may not have the old family like others have, but she still have grandparents who’s watching over her, praying for her success.
Got a father who is willing to help her when she needed a hand, a man she left to act like someone else’s niece.
Surely, she can eat there without money.
Surely, she can rest there for free, she felt safe with him and them.
She may not have a mother that she imagined a mother should be, but she have mother earth who’s providing her to date.
She felt that deep shame being a product of this woman’s family, but a father accepts her daughter hoping that she will find her way back to reality, not the lies she was told was.
Got a church named after Mary.
Having lots of friends who cares about her and taking of her like their daughter sincerely.

Hated talking about this, but it’s the truth.
Hated being emotional but the enemy will just win over me.
There are lots of people who lost their mother back to their brother.
At least if you’re reading this, you know what I mean.
A princess that’s not really a princess, looking up to herself, as if she deserves the best.
Yes she did, but she must be patient.
She may not be a good role model to youth, Hope someone is going to be.

She broke her marriage many years ago, she’s still blaming on it to the people she thought was responsible of it, a puppet of her brother, afraid of physical abuse. Sadly, she’s becoming a puppet to her nephew and her niece, and the wife of her brother by the way.
The people she turned to are the same people who doesn’t care, those who have put her to shame.
They can look at her like one of her, that’s what they’re thinking, except the new world that’s protecting me.
Well yes, it happened.
A crazy adult world for me, maybe it’s really destined to be.

Change could change her, but a friend told her, she doesn’t have to. She’s fine there is nothing wrong with her. I guess I agree, but that’s not how they saw her.
Have to be careful in choosing the right one for her.
Now that it’s so clear the relationship patterns that kept repeating for hee.
Definitely abusive, the same man who kept popping up. I just hope she can find someone like her father, someone she can trust like her father.
But then again, she was once lied and brainwashed by the woman she have given the chance.
If you don’t know whom to believe now, just don’t care about their lives, you have yours to live, you have yours to acknowledge.
You deserve to be recognized.
You deserve to see the differences between you and your mother.
Do not repeat her things, she’s not a victim, she’s just acting to support her wants to get out from the father who haven’t finished anything.

Now she’s living a lie, the struggle is real, it’s a commitment moving on from her.
Don’t have so much time to play along.
No longer hiding like a shadow in regret.
No longer acting like someone who isn’t a goddess but a victim.
Reminding herself how lucky she is to be alive to this date.
May not be able to change her, but she can deffinitely forgive her.
May not run away again, but will face her and give her the value she deserves.
After all, she’s working hard with it.
Even if she doesn’t listen and she’s spending too much to those things she couldn’t have, she’s still learning how to be herself.
And it’s not a daughters job to mother her because she’ve done it once and it didn’t help her nor the other, she’s too old already.

It’s hard to teach financial literacy to people who wouldn’t listen, and if you shared with them they will just think they’re better than you so you must give your all to them, otherwise you’re cold-hearted and merciless.
I appreciate how her father could handle little things.
I can feel that it matters to him, he’s so thankful and grateful with the pennies she have given to him.
I wished to be that daughter instead of the old life she have once lived that’s so unsatisfying.
It felt great to be like him, than to be like her who’s not contented with the blessings she receives, who kept on stating her bloodlines problems, almost begging for help. Lost it easily for things that she couldn’t own, then has to loan again to spend it over and over again for her chosen ancestors.

She’s already broke, one day she will be broken so badly and she hoped to give back the money she took from her when she was just younger.
This is so weird for a daughter but it must be done because they’re living this life differently.
No longer in vibration of each other, atleast she’s trying to bring her down just to be like her.
She must let her go and do what she can do.
Forcing her to be one with her isn’t going to work already.
They’re both going to drag each other in different direction should she try to bring her back to life again.
She’s too old to understand, I hope she relaized that early, but they’re too smart to brainwashed people.
She has to ally someone who can get her and understand her needs.
And that’s deffinitely the truth I was hiding just to make her feel better.

There’s a cold war within, this judge have to be fair.
In the middle of this she have to choose the one she haven’t given a chance yet.
She have to show them who’s the good girl here.
A chance for her to also achieve her dreams.
A courage and a leap of faith.
To trust someone who knew less but who has an honest heart to support with biggest dreams.
There’s going to have a war, specially if they’ll know what she’s up to and she started it already.
They’ll surely think what’s next, planning to destroy her instinct just like what they kept doing every time she’s doing something great for her and the people she cared about.
That’s for her to see their reactions knowing that they have failed their mission to take her heart away from the people she so happy to surround me.

No matter what they’ll do, the drama that they’ll show her, they’ll only see the little her.
You see, it’s so good to accept their little brains about this lady.
The Universe really conspires to help the good one with her journey.
These enemies doesn’t know what she’s capable of, the pain is over, she healed it already.
Let them think what they want to think.
Let them belittle her until the end.
Slowly, they’ll see the daughter they have lost because they have chosen to ally with them to insult her and go against her will.
Of course she couldn’t stop her, but she can always ignore her.

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