Start looking up, stop looking down

Hey, did you know? What you focus on will attract more of it? If I were you, I’ll focus on the good side of everything while acknowledging the existence of the other side.

Sometimes, no not sometimes, it is my default reaction to look down to myself and others that I do not like; so I have to constantly and consciously change my thought to looking up mode. Looking for the good side of everything. It’s like a task and habit that must be done religiously if we want to attract good things in this lifetime.

Looking up to the people and getting inspiration from them. But this crazy attitude that wants to know about a person so we can destroy them, and looked down on them is a really big issue. It’s like a plague, I think everyone has it. Me, if I’m angry at someone, or I’m insecure, or feeling outsmarted, my default reaction is always negative- I’m not sure what that is.. maybe to protect my ego self?

But if you’re already aware of this like me, I know you’re really trying hard to direct yourself to the right direction. I know you’re also trying hard to look up and see beauty in this people. I was once obsessed about how did they do it? I got so obsessed about knowing how they did it instead of spending time with me discovering how to do it my way.

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