Owning your emotions

“If there’s no snake, then you’re safe.”

The first thing to do when you’re afraid of something is to look around and see if there are really monsters or snakes around. Usually, there is none. So you’re always safe to move faster or slower, it’s really up to you.

When I was in high school, I had to cross a path where dogs keeps barking always ready to attack the non-owners. I always feel scared and stiffened but I also always kept my calm down and I always trust that I can get through it without getting bitten nor attacked by them.

For 5 years, I have been feeling that, since I moved school to the other neighboring barangay. Though there’s another way without the dogs but there’s also myths about monsters popping out of the trees, and the place was very close; there’s also a tomb of someone I do not know whom.

Choice goes to just passing through the dogs and allowing them to keep barking, they’re just being dogs. They’re not mine, so they’re being rude to me and unfriendly. I hated that day to day life, but I must get used to it. I still have that fear of barking dogs and I am still feeling that feeling when they’re around, like it’s really making my back hurts like crazy.

Thers a tapping solution that I am applying to keep it relaxed, “Even though I so scared of Dogs and my back hurts because of trauma, I have deeply and complete accepted myself.” I am still on it hoping for a good result, but these days I am only doing it sometimes because I’m a little bit mentally pre-occupied. But I am going to resume it very soon.

These trauma, when triggered by the bad guys, would really stressed me out; I would feel like running away or I will control my movements to not invite the “Whomever” to come and bullshit me. I realized though, that wild dogs really do bark, it seems like they’re angry to you but they’re really not; it’s their nature and it has to be understood. One thing for sure, they’re not going to attack you if you’re not giving them reason to. Just be cool and do your thing; no matter what, whether you relax or not, they’ll always bark.

You can move faster, just look around if there are wild dogs around; if none, then the choice is yours. Simply being aware of the truth about your surroundings will help you relax and feel safe and secure. Most of our fears comes from the events that had already happened. So to say, it’s just remnants of your memory. When a certain memory got triggered, these emotion also will pop up. So be careful what you’re thinking about and whom you shared your bad memories with.

I am sharing memories here it’s because I am getting better at it. So it doesn’t really bother me nor affect me that much anymore. I have honed that emotional wild horse. I embraced it and I owned it. Now I have control of it all.

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