Stay Balanced (take what resonates, leave the rest)

Stay conscious stay balance, evils will try to bring you down back to your past.

The crazy actors will try to hypnotize you to keep your head down low so you will see what’s ahead of you.

All these people are blocking the light to help me feel helpless all the way. Then they can act like they’re better than where you have been.

They looked down on me so they will feel so good about them.

They will charge me of anything, so that they will feel like they’ve got everything. But the angels listens and will echo back what they have said.

I am staying balanced by keeling me conscious in all ways. It’s time to focus back to where I am heading.

I have no time to block me because I am still not wealthy. There is no time to allow them to block me, because I can get on my way anyway.

I am also not blocking them to go on their way. The road isn’t straight it has to bring me the other way.

I must follow the flow and let go of the thought that’s stopping me.

The easiest way to let go is to move on alone.

If you’re stuck right now that’s because you’re not moving onwards to your own dreams.

You must move on, you must decide now to take on that journey. Lifting up myself to the best self I can be.

You must do it, that’s how you can move on from the it that’s bothering you behind. You must keep moving forward if you want to let go of this burden that’s bothering you.

You must keep yourself balanced that’s why you have to go where you have to go, even of it means you have to let them all go their own way.

I am going to make it back and forth to different places I meant to travel with. If I feel like my plane is collapsing, I will not hesitate to jump in the air.

Even if I feel like falling, I will just close my eyes and hold on to someone who’s holidng me, trust into my wings, and hold onto the savior that is saving me.

If it’s something big, if it’s something I can trust, then I’ll hold on to it. I will stay balanced, relax and happy, prosperous in all my ways.

I am happy it’s Thursday and I am writing all the way. I am so happy I fee like my time is used properly, that’s how I must balance my day.

I will stay balance, got a business, got a love life, got a job, got a house, got friends, got managers, got enemies, got everything in my way.

It’s time to take on the journey that is meant for me. My enemy is just one, it is needed to keep me balanced.

If they’re dragging me down, then it’s time lift myself higher that that they think I am.

I must stay balanced in all my ways. Gotta go to school. Gotta read, gotta write, gotta teach, gotta connect, gotta participate, gotta love, gotta be happy, gotta keep going all the way.

Now is the time to balance me, because I realized I am separate from my enemy. We are one in some ways, but I gotta learn to balance me in all my ways. I must save me, for me. I must help me for me. I must earn money for me. I must work with a company for me.

I’ve been through a lot already, it’s time to jump higher up. It’s time to keep jumping up. I will keep on jumping up with that right time up. After a year and up, when I have more than enough, I can start saving for my own house and lot. Even if it’s just little as long as it is near me.

I will keep moving on and on to where I am going. I will go with the flow, I will not force myself to that place that kept me stuck.

I must keep going on and on, I must learn to tell the truth about me and my situation. I must tell them my concerns so they will know me, I will tell them the truth ahead of time, I’ll do it for me and them who cared about me. I’ll do it for me, my real friends and my real family.

I can tell real from fakers. The real ones will keep lifting me up because they knew me from behind. They kept lifting me up because I am keeping it open for them to see me from behind.

The angels watching me also sees the struggles I have been through. They celebrates with my success. I feel so happy and accepted.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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