Sad Love

My hubby don’t be sorry, I am here with you don’t be sorry.

I can feel your sadness now than ever before. I’m still here watching you entertained us all.

I am singing with you and laughing with you.

You must see yourself and the best stuffs you have contributed.

You’ve done so much, you have made us all laugh.

Please be happy because you are with me.

Just let your sadness transformed into so much success.

Smile all the way, okay? Just be happy, let it all be just nothing but a storm that will soon fade away.

It’s okay little bunny, you’re fine, you’re always fine.

You are loved the way you are, yes you are. You are so much blessed because of the heart you possessed.

I am happy that even if we’re far away and I can’t travel near your way, I am still connected with you through my internet.

I am happy, you know that I am watching you right?

You know I am in love, really really in love.

It’s just that we’re too far away, you’re heading the other way, but I am so happy because I know you’re doing it for me.

Now is the time to do it for me too. Just say “Yes, I’ll do it for me!”

Please be happy, alright hubby?

I looked at you like a baby, a very angry baby, who wants to come out of the way but can’t really impress me.

I am impressed, are you impressed with me?

Just say, “Yes, I am impressed with me.”

I am seeing you, I am watching you. I am always thinking of you.

There is no days that’s passing by without you beside me.

I know you’re too shy, respecting me from afar. But I am always connected with you, I know you know this.

Please feel me because I am feeling you.

Other people will think of you like a crazy little dude, but you’re too perfect for me, my little hubby.

This isn’t pitty, this is love with so much compassion and mercy. I am your love. I have changed to love you more that I have been loving you all the way through.

We can be friends, we’re always friends, because we both knew we still have to grow.

Keep learning your thing, you’re going the right way.

I am also going on my way because I am going the right way.

Succeed my beautiful hubby, succeed my lovely baby hubby.

I am way too happy to see you learning and succeeding on your own way.

You can do it okay? I am also learning your way. I know it’s difficult but doesn’t mean you have to do it the hard way.

You can do it easily just don’t be pressured by the demand of the crowd. Do it because you’re happy.

Do it because you’re seeing the world and seeing your friends around you.

Do it because you have healed so much people back into the arms of their own loves.

You are amazing. You are super amazing.

Know your own value and the support you have from the world around you.

Please be happy, please be thankful in all your way.

I am staying where I am, I know you’re still searching for me.

But I am just here, watching you shining all the way.

You’ve done great job, I am so happy for you.

You’ve done your part. The angels rejoiced.

I thank you for being strong and for keeping your heart open.

I know you weren’t so open before, but I know your heart knew me well now.

We have given ourselves hope for the future generations.

We will be doing things separately but our hearts remains loving and faithful to each others arms.

Girls and boys will only cry because our love never dies. Our hearts rejoice even from afar.

Bridging the gap of culture differences.

I will make sure that love will keep us both open in all our ways. I will also be rejoicing in all your ways.

Now that I know you from deep within. It’s really making me happy that you’re so into me.

I am listening to you, I will always do. You will be my only music to listen to. It will really help me get rid of all these psychopaths.

I am with my love, I am always with you. You have never left me despite of the storms and the calamities, we both get through it.

My love don’t be sad, you have been loved. You have been accepted, don’t feel bad about the path you have been.

Too much anger maybe, too much rejections, and too much fight we have to fight just to get through it.

But here we are connected in some ways. You will always be happy as long as you’re with me.

I will always be happy as long as I’m with you. I will stay happy, I will stay lively.

No more evils will come to me because I have died through sins that I have lived through love.

The father of my son loved me for who I am. Accepted me for what I have become.

The devils cannot touch me nor hold me, because I am now raised differently.

This time not of mother’s love, but of my husbands love. My sons father who is in love.

I am always with him wherever he goes, his angels and my sons angels will always see me get through it.

They will laughing all day, laughing all night, we will never get defeated.

No matter how much act they’re about to deceive me. The lord of lords will not allow.

For God knows the truth, I will always choose someone I deserve.

The one who loves me effortlessly even without having me.

I can always be happy by letting him loved me.

Even if I feel like I am not worthy, I will still be loved no matter what they would say.

My husband choose me, and loved me for what I am going to be.

I can see your eyes, in love and happy.

I will be a very good friend to your best friends. Through us they will be loved in all our ways.

If this is devinely guided then the more will keep it going on and on and on with it.

You must be strong, you must be so calm. Just let me in, they’ll be taken cared by me. Even if they’ll be lonely, we will be here and there for them.

Our love will shine through it because I am also one of them. I will be there to protect you from anything. I will be loving you as long as my husband is with you.

I will love my husband I will always do. He’s my true love, my only true love. Together we will rise together we will surpass.

In this time we’re loved, we’re accepted, we’re in love. Wherever you go, know that me also do. Whatever you do, I will stay up for you.

Even if not in real time period but our higher souls are allowed to go. I am loved in all my ways, like you are loved on all your ways.

You will not lost your way, because losing your way will open up a new and better way. You will always have a way. Love will make away.

In every direction you go, even if it’s not going to their teritorry, I will make a way, because love will find a way.

You’re not really trapped, you just have to make that first step to that new way.

Take that first step, let’s see if there’s a light to light your way.

Have fun going in that way, new direction, new dimension, definitely not the old direction.

My love, make another way, a new cycle, a new level and a new life everyday.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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