“I want” by RMI

I was watching videos about twinflames and I got inspired to write this piece .. *** It’s not anything, just hugging, not your body, just your soul. I sensed true love, in the absence of fear, my hug heals. I know you’re letting me, nobody knows but me in 5D. The channelers feel, but couldn’tContinue reading ““I want” by RMI”

Girls Desire

Take only what resonates and let others to relate 😊 ..girls desire ain’t money nor luxury but true appreciation that will empower them to make more money and luxury to provide for you and your family. They are powerful specially if they are with a good man. Same with man but this writing is forContinue reading “Girls Desire”

Who cares about writing contentment

True love cares. It will not feed you nor be in your favor.Because the one who truly cares wants you to be stronger.And to become stronger is to do it on your own without anyone’s favoritism, that’s the only way you feel great even if you’re not yet the greatest.I was raised being helped, soContinue reading “Who cares about writing contentment”