Who cares about writing contentment

True love cares. It will not feed you nor be in your favor.
Because the one who truly cares wants you to be stronger.
And to become stronger is to do it on your own without anyone’s favoritism, that’s the only way you feel great even if you’re not yet the greatest.
I was raised being helped, so I felt so pathetic, but it’s also because I asked for it, it’s not being given to me. Those they gave doesn’t long, but those I choose stayed within my soul.

I thought I was strong enough because I got it, but it’s not it.
The real thing comes from your own efforts whether you’re going to fail or not, you have to do it right.
No cheating, because cheating cheats on you, illusioning that you’re so good already, but the truth is that, you’re too weak for the next step.

The one who truly cares will fail you and will not have mercy on you, because she cares about your future. As long as it will not take your life, she will still fail you.
She wants you to go further, and if failing you and having you wept so you will push harder but be there to always lift you up no matter what, is a true care you can get from the one who truly cares.

Those who feeds you, makes you weaker.
They only think of themselves, not yours. Showing off like they’re better than you, but the truth is, they’re so insecure they want to keep you stuck under their own roof so you will not grow and outshine them, even if your true intention doesn’t have to do with them, and because of that, you’ll win in the end.

I can see the beauty of a true leader when they’re too tough like kakashi sensei and of course ibiki.
I am not such a fan of the movie Naruto Uzumaki, I really got to share this because I am learning true strenght from each ninja that you can actually apply not just in your personal life, but also in your career as a professional individuals.

If they feed you that means they don’t Care about you, they’re just showing off, they want you so stay weak, relaxing without doing anything right for yourself, that means you won’t be making progress. So to say, you’re not ready for the next level, you will fall short and that’s not how you want to end up, right? Do not be deceived. But that’s also the other way for them to test who the next leader is.

See, my caregiving teaches me to be real, it’s better to fail than to know nothing at all.
It’s better to have no papers than to have one that you cannot show yourself worthy. On the other hand, be thankful to those who have hurted you, because it’s the truth, yet they never stopped failing you until you get it right, because that’s the only time you will feel confident about yourself that you are indeed good at it, excellent at it, then that’s the time you will pass yourself.
You can lie to others, but not yourself.
That’s why my favorite teachers are those who are tough and those who aren’t scared of failing me because they knew I would be happy.
The truth is, that’s the only way to be fully contented with success.

Contentment comes from honesty, integrity, and of course the courage to stay focus, and the determination to learn despite what would happen.
If that’s what it takes to increase your value not just today but also tomorrow, then let’s make it happen.
After all, we’re just enjoying the show, and this is what keeps you here.
Unexpectedly, I just didn’t expect I will get it in the end.
No matter how hard and impossible it seems, just always do your best and surrender to your faith and your strenght, because again, people can change decisions, everything is just temporary.

Just do your part, and you’ll be alright.

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