Considering your own suggestion

Choose yourself before others, at least in the end you will not regret not listening to yourself. The only time you can say you have chosen the right path, is when you have decided to do things according to your choice, even if it’s against the people, the thoughts and beliefs that limits your actions. Because, if I have listened to them and not myself, I wouldn’t have found the courage to write for my future self.

Listen to your self, not someone else’s dream for themselves; if you want to be found, if you want to be respected, like naruto, he will do something great on his own way.

People suggest, specially the elders, but you have better suggestion for yourself, why not listen to it.
Afterall, the person suggesting you will not help.

For better or for worse, it’s yours to take.
They’ll either laugh at you in the end, or they’ll actually back off and acknowledge you were right.

Your knowledge is being tested. Like kakashi and Zabuza, in the end Zabuza did the right thing.
Always do what is right, even the bads changes in the end.

They might even lay their lives for the sake of others, and still they are called heroes and accepted, because in the last minute they have finally changed, and that’s all what it takes to pass the entire test.

Kakashi failed Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.
But they never loose hope, they keep it in their minds, the training, they didn’t give up, they still manage to apply team work on the last minute, even if they were told, they have already failed.

You see? Failure is not the end, and that’s a practice I kept on practicing since I failed in my qualifying exam.
I mean, passing in that exam isn’t a dream, but graduating.
So I kept moving on, then I shifted and finally graduated.

A simple decision to keep going despite of your current circumstance, looking at the big picture that’s what my teacher Sir Charles taught me.
I remember myself crying in disbelief when he gave me 3.2 in my prelim exam in economics, actually worst than my major subject.

But deep within me, I know, he’s just being real and not giving us grades by mercy.
So far he’s my favorite teacher in college.
Now, appreciate honesty, truth, integrity, and of course the courage to keep moving in order to move on.

Question is, how do you recover from your emotional failures? Simple, just move on. From the word itself, move! Meaning, do something.
Start somewhere, that’s how you end it.
Give up your old style, embrace the new normal.

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