Brave heart by RMI

In the edge of doubt, you jumped in. Freezing in fear, but you kept doing it. Eyes on you, yet you remained calm. Want to run, but you have stayed still You, my love, have the bravest heart. A lovely heart deserving of all worth. I’ll remain your number one, stay still. Yes you’re stuck,Continue reading “Brave heart by RMI”

“I want” by RMI

I was watching videos about twinflames and I got inspired to write this piece .. *** It’s not anything, just hugging, not your body, just your soul. I sensed true love, in the absence of fear, my hug heals. I know you’re letting me, nobody knows but me in 5D. The channelers feel, but couldn’tContinue reading ““I want” by RMI”

You knew it by RMI

My username is RMI.. You knew it from the start, it’s not working out. You just want to see me, but it’s not me in there. You hoped it’s me, but you’re being with someone else. You think I didn’t know, I know you’re just faking it. Oh you can’t stay longer, I want youContinue reading “You knew it by RMI”

BOM by rmi, channelled by me

Thrilling, exciting, loving, professional but not friendly. Shows me what I asked for. He listens , he writes, he speaks. He’s always with me through all the good and bad. The one that answers the hard questions. The one who kept me sane. The one who understands my brain. He make bold decisions. The oneContinue reading “BOM by rmi, channelled by me”