Making dreams come true

I was sitting on the tricycle, waiting for a company. I was there for already 30 minutes and no one came by.

My friends were already heading to our destination. They were so excited. They met up together and I went all alone.

While I was sitting there, I realized how lonely I was, waiting for nobody. I didn’t knew anyone around. Those tricycle drivers didn’t talked to me at all.

That’s when I decided to find another way to get a tricycle. Of course I have to move and leave. I didn’t belong there. I felt lonely, I wasn’t helped. They want more money to deliver me to my destination.

As I decided to move on, which I wouldn’t have decided if my college classmate didn’t checked on me, thanks to her by the way. Before I felt a little abandoned since I was expecting they were going to meet me at that place, but there was a change of plan, though they still care and they did worry, and I am so happy they did. That means, I am something. They are my friends.

I ran out of the terminal, and luckily a bus was coming on my way and I got lucky the fair was a little cheaper. Not like in a tricycle. I was so impressed! I felt amazed that the driver allowed me to get in without a card.

But still, they’re nowhere to be found, I was looking for a signage where that place could that be. As I keep asking them the right direction I saw a big signage “This way to Sugbo Mercado”! Finally, I found it, I should have read signage earlier that time.

I thought that was it. It turns out the place was close. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was totally lost. I misread a message, I thought I have to get through a subdivision to get there. Although, I already knew the place was closed, I insist that I must get through because there’s another open place that’s open.

Oh well, the guards won’t let me in, and I found it so hilarious. He was really fighting with me, “Ma’am, there’s no Sugbo Mercado inside, this is a subdivision.” He pointed me to the close sugbo Mercado how sad.

Then I went back again, back to where I came from, then someone called, “Where are you? We are at PTT.” I was wondering where’s PTT was even if I already knew where it was. It’s a gasoline station, in front of Gaisano Grand Mall where I was waiting for them for like another 15-30 minutes. Totally confusing, I thought they’re already at Sugbo Mercado. All I did was trust the process and follow instructions.

All the long wait have been paid off. Soon as the team met up, we go on directly to our next destination. Problem solved. Since we’re already there, we’re just going to make use of our time, making use of the available restaurants for us.

Then, we went to Mercato De Mactan. One of my favorite place and has been on my list of restaurants to eat in at the right time with the right people. I have never expected that dream came true! I was just desiring it so badly, forgot about it, and there I was! Totally satisfied my cravings. I had samgyupsal and it was so delicious, now I’m feeling hungry. Geez.

So guys, keep going, never ever give up on your dreams just because somebody closed their doors or you’re feeling alone and lonely. Trust the process, always be patient. There’s a big reason why things turn out differently from what you have expected it to be, because there’s a surprise for you, something bigger than ever. Something your heart have been longing for the longest time. It was like a seed flower you planted and at the right time, it blooms!

Happy faces 😍

Look how happy I was in this video 💕 ..

I was filming them all and it was so funny. Enjoy watching us. Hope you get inspired too…

***In this post, I tried replicating the way Miss Simone Heng show her stories.

*** I thank her for the idea, and you may as well follow her and subscribe to her channel.. › …
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