Someone’s trying to kill me because they thought I just want their money.

They didn’t know that money doesn’t mean anything to me.

But now it means a lot because it is a gift from the Gods. I have redefined its meaning.

I am going to let go of these people who have thought ill and bad about me.

I am going to choose another man, someone who is really my husband, not just a faker who will kill me from behind.

I have a husband, a very wealthy husband.

He’s coming my way, to love me in all his ways.

I will keep existing as a gift for him. I am doing it for me to also keep living.

Until that time will came I will be doing something.

Something great, something awesome, something to love again.

I am having fun, with my new friends and my new coallegues.

I have so much dreams waiting for me to get noticed.

I will be working on with it, while I play another role to play.

I am going to be conscious that’s how I must stay.

When the time comes, when the world falls in the right orders and places, I will be a perfect gift for me and someone who deserves me.

Until then, I will stay happy for me to be happy.

I will keep doing all the things that keeps me alive and kicking.

I have so much people to help, so much people to tell the truth.

My life has to keep going on and on, after this quarantine time will be gone.

I will pursue my dreams no matter what the devils would say.

If they’re not coming out my way, I’ll bring them to church to die and be free.

I have to be me, no matter what these evils would say.

Life is a fight to keep moving forward, if that means I have to let go what’s weighing me from behind.

I will be letting go of them, no matter how I care about them, because they’re not letting go as well.

I must be free, away from these devils who’s trying to bring me back to where they’re coming from.

But I am moving forward to that place I am heading. I am still living and progressing.

I have a life to walk, I life to keep going.

I must leave this people behind because they’re going on that different direction we’re no longer understanding.

I will walk on my own just like what I did before. But I will still keep in touch to people I have been.

No matter what they do, they cannot bring me down, because my body existed here but my soul flies everywhere she goes.

I am being chased by someone, as if it’s the real one, but only in my mind.

I was having fun, coming out from that tunnel, running out from there in fear of some old coffin.

I was having fun, chasing that light outside of this tunnel.

But I know it’s not going to leave me, it will stay still until tomorrow.

Every darker times is just temporary, the sun will rise all day. It’s not running away.

Keep moving forward even in the dark, know that new light will come.

It’s a nice light a beautiful light. I must chased it before it is gone.

Not to take it away but to live in it like there’s no other way.

The moon shines at night, the Sunshine’s in the midday, who said you’re being lonely because nobody’s lighting your way.

I am not lonely, I am just busy, trying to get rid of darkness that’s not really within my control.

But now I know, I just have to let it sit, until that day, I’ll get to that lightness I want to be at.

Another tunnel might be in the horizon but that’s up to me if I’ll take on.

Rest assured I’ll keep going on, pushing myself forward to my destination.

Remembering what the masters said about the light behind the tunnel.

Soon, I will see it, soon I will be with it.

It is now showing up, it will always be there waiting for me. It’s just that there’s a little darkness to test your faith that your love still exist.

It’s just a test of faith, know that this light is not running away. It’s just blocked by this moon to grow into something perfect and awesome.

It’s time to love my husband, a husband that is meant to be, the best in me.

I am going to stop the chase, I will stay relaxed and calm, knowing that if it will be gone, it’s not really gone. It still exist, it’s just blocked temporarily.

Like that eclipse, when the moon covers the sun, if that’s right, correct me if I’m wrong in the comment section below.

I will keep doing it using my own light, praying and hoping that the light angels will come to light our way towards that destination.

There’s no need to rush, no need to be panicked of someone or something getting lost when something isn’t done.

Do it the right way, do it the better way. Do it slowly but consistently. You must keep thanking the one who look like inexisting.

I must keep going, I know he’s always praying, behind that darkness is him, coming out like a beautiful him.

I only have to call him so he will shine away.

An amazing light coming out his way because I am happy.

I can turn on the light with just a little smile.

I can shine the whole room with an amazing smile. I can light up the world by expecting something big in return. I’ll just keep lighting the way, trying to be the new me.

Someone happy, someone new to me. Even if the world likes to turn me off into someone lonely, I will still be happy because I know fakers from reality.

Even if they think I am not looking, my eyes sees them from afar. I can read their ugly minds, I can send them back the message they want to receive with a smile.

I am happy because I have a lot of reasons to be. It’s not my circumstance that makes me lonely. It is my choice to stay happy.

Despite the shame they put on me, and the anger they keep feeding me, I will still smile because I am happy.

I am moving on my way, I am smiling despite of my lonely day. I know it felt dark because all I can see is the dark, but I know that if I look at the light, I will feel also loved and lightened.

It’s not the darkness of the days nor the emptiness of my night that makes you lonely, it is that you failed to see what’s still alive and happy.

Let’s look at that happy world on the other side of the city, so that we will feel happy.

My angel brought me to that place where I feel lonely because I focus only to me not the other people beside me.

I can be happy if I decide to be, by looking at the happy day that lives within me. I can be loved and accepted, by just looking back to my timeless friend who keep nurturing me from behind.

My wish granted, no need to chase it. He gave to me, that timeless friendship he gave. He’s passing away, away back to his journey. But his memory with me remains even in the darkest of the day.

I am so loved, timelessly loved. Like JK’s music that heals, BTS as a whole is alive. It’s time to take that little part now because the rest is being entrusted to the team.

I will make it, I will do my part from behind. I know there was conflict, but I am still doing it right, to save the one who’s a major part of it.

By saving the one, I can save the whole team, that’s what I did in my Caregiving stage. We cut it short to make it all right. We did it right, we did it well. It’s all well.

I did the right thing, everything flows so well. Everybody learns, everybody understands what I did to choose the one.

I did it all I cut it all short, so that he will take on his little part for the rest of us.

It is better to be angried by everyone if it means to save them, me, the time, the moment, the whole act, and the whole time.

I have learned how to trust the leader who will put her image to risk just to save the whole team from being at risk.

I don’t care, if I fail or not, I have nothing to lose, I’ve lost everything, I’ve surrendered all my shame. I have eaten shit, emptied my everything, left my happiness, just totally get lost and gone, what else have I left to lose?

I have been a prisoner of someone else’s dream, I have been in prisoned, an endless servant to a stranger I barely knew, what else can I lost?

I must do it right for me, the other guy and the rest who still didn’t understand what I have done to them. The lessons I have shared to everyone in need. I guess I did it right, I did it all right.

That leadership training and that fellowship training made me feel realized. It is indeed true that a good leader is also a good member and also a good listener. She’s also a good performer and a good giver.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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