Timeless Counterpart

I am timeless, I have timeless counterpart.

He’s a soul a beautiful soul, traveling.

Shining across time to time, timeless.

Somebody have lesser time, but this one is timeless.

He is my timeless counterpart, cannot be touched.

I have to be something new, something they didn’t know.

I have to be untouchable someone flying time to time.

I am not staying still that’s what I am. Even if someone is observing me, I will see.

They’re trying to kill me. But they didn’t know that I am timeless.

I used a name that isn’t me. To keep me safe from all the crazy.

To do my part, to perform my duty, to be me.

I have so much to share, less time to do it, that’s when I decided to be timeless.

I am timeless now, I can be anyone I know.

My face changes, that’s what makeup does.

I am magical, very magical. I feel like I have my own magic shop.

It’s really cool to know that there’s nothing like us.

Our spirit shines like a star. Our music vibrates like a superstar.

I am the one. Timeless, extraordinary and magical.

I am timeless, I am safe. I will always exist.

No past, nor future, because everything I own travels through time.

I am being guarded, one of the masterminds.

But I won’t be playing now, it’s time to hit it big now.

No matter what they will name me, they will not know me.

The labels they gave me keeps me low and empty, that how I become timeless overtime.

I’ve been dead back to back to my own body.

They’ve killed, they will stop killing me.

I can see her eyes observing me, she’s being watched just like how she’s watching me.

She’s not alone, there’s 4 of them, that’s what my psychic said and I confirmed.

I already knew this, that’s how I become timeless.

No one would change names because I am already changed.

My name is not me, it’s just a label they put on me.

I have no name, I can be called anything.

I am me and I will always be me.

Even if I am timeless, I still have life that deserve to live.

I can still be friends with my timeless friends.

He said I needed someone else to be next to me because I am crazy and killing him instead.

But I am timeless now, vibrating in the most high. One of the highest priestess in this amazing world.

Vibrating in love, in too much pain, but also having fun.

My friends taught me how to have fun, so I can love again.

I am being healed by the love of my life. I am being watched by the angels within and without.

As long as they’re open, angels can come through them. I must not take advantage to the power I possessed.

I must give it back to people who mostly needed it. I will choose a husband if that’s what I need.

I cannot trust anyone, I can only trust my husband.

Published by mina

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: mina PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me 😂 www.paypal.me/RoselynMina I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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