Surprises are always unexpected!

Out of the blue we were given financial assistance by our kindest company, relief goods and even offered free consultations to help us process the wrath of typhoon Odette.. The depression that we also felt as our neighborhood suffers.. was bad..

Yet, we cheered up! Coz we knew that we’re being taken cared of. Someone valued us and it’s awesome! A lot of good things happened right after.. it was amazing! Because of Odette we still don’t have the electricity.

After a week of waiting, and while signal was slowly getting back to its normal strength.. I finally decided to find a room for rent so I can get back to work! Luckily, there was a vacant room not so far from my location! The owner was welcoming, he noticed me as that long-haired college student passing by their humble house..

We had a little chat about my province in Mindanao and he mentioned about his relative in Pagadian who’s a teacher… He mentioned the teacher was a Mina and his mother was a Mina too. They’ve met because of the Mina reunion..

I knew about Minas family having reunions in Cebu but I have not met any of them until the 12th year of my stay… Until after Odette… But we’ve actually seen each other since I was 16.. haha we were neighbors but I don’t really talk to strangers that much.. I was a loner student scared of the world.. Maybe if I was friendly, we would have known each other as relatives.

Kuya is my elder.. he doesn’t have sons nor daughters. I can see the resemblance of him and my favorite grandfather. Their energy as well! It’s awesome.. I finally found a link to the Minas Clan in Cebu! I choose to help myself return to work and the surprise was awesome!!!

Oh it was nothing special, I feel like we had known before hahaha even without talking.. I had to confirm it with my relatives from Mindanao. They’ve been attending the reunion, so they knew about the history… I have also interviewed my grandfather about my grand grand father.. and it matches! I found the brother of the one who hosted the Reunion in Talamban Cebu! 🙀

You see? Thanks to Odette and that Pandemic.. Because of the pandemic, the room was available for rent again, and because of Odette, I lost the electricity; I choose to have that room instead of pocketing the budget to move somewhere I can work.

I did the right choice indeed! I’d rather lose money than lose a job! Because jobs makes me money! 😁 Amazing! I am so blessed isn’t it? I’d rather lose my money in order to do the things that makes me happy than keep it and be sad in eternity.. I have been there.. Saving without giving back… I lost the WHY I was working in the first place and for what..

To GIVE Back! It’s the best feeling ever! You will come out from the old you and become someone stronger, capable and responsible. You’ll feel a since of value to the community. To be able to help, support, and provide.. you’ll become independent.

Well, Surprises was always unexpected! I was surprised in a way that my prayer have been heard. I wanted to meet them. The Universe will bring me to my dreams.. and my wants. HOW Cool that is! But the calamities must stop hahaha.. Thanks to that by the way, now I learned how to be open.. We don’t want the universe to force everything to make it easy for me..

Or maybe 🤔.. it has to happen.. Anyway, keep your hearts open, and don’t be scared to talk to new people… They might be the door to your next destination… 😊 Sometimes, the universe will give you someone that will connect you to the other.. but always remember, surprises are always unexpected! It’s meant to surprise you! The universe is so lovely and romantic! 😎.. That’s why we are also.. coz the Universe is within us!

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