Beyond Known Limits

It’s a happy birthday to me today!
Tomorrow, I am hoping to have a good day.
I am happy to have seen the best out of me.
Getting the courage to be myself, instead of fearing what others will think.

In this church, I can rest, express my gratitude and my sorrows.
Though it’s true that I may not be happy all the time specially that I am still relearning and updating my system. Char.

Of course, learning to live a new life, more expressive than it was before.
Knowing that this is a new journey that I have to take. A responsibility to be lived progressively.
I must move on, in order to be present.
Being outdated is normal, but because we want to be occupied and disciplined all the time, to keep ourselves active and kicking instead of just depressing, we must keep on moving.
Staying still, sounds so boring.

Learning to stand and accomplish something, without aiming for perfection.
Someday, we’ll able to get it right, so just keep on moving, don’t get stuck, try something new, learn from your mistakes but always keep it open for a never ending set of courses that you have to take.

Sooner or later, I will be taking up culinary arts. I hope the world will be okay so soon and schools will be opening.
Online classes are on but I am still ordering a big comfort room and a clean kitchen.
So yeah, I’ll just take this course a takeaway plan.

Correcting what’s not, looking at people as a reflection to yourself.
Answering advising for your own sake, because the best way to remember is to share and the best way to learn is to teach it.

Looking at the big picture, thinking big, instead of using that childish brain.
I can see the difference between a real source from an acting like a source.

Remember that the real source of money is tree.
And the real source of water is the ocean, not the seller.
The real source of food is land, once again, not a giver.

If there’s something you can own here, that is safe to say, “I own it” it’s your personal experience, your learned knowledge. Of course you can keep it, copy it, own it and be happy about it.

Therefore it’s true, that knowledge, I mean knowledge and skills not education; cannot be taken away from you, it can only be shared and multiplied.

So if I will instruct you to multiply, it’s not really mean you multiply, it is the written knowledge about a person that I wanted to multiply, like magic, I will instruct these words, books, site, to reach millions and multiply through people’s mind. Char. Others have done it, from Aristotle down to you my reader. Your advises to your nieces and nephews counts so be clear with your statements, say it directly to the point without old stories that doesn’t uplift nor inspire others.

I just realized this right now, my mind has just been opened and everything that got me confused became clearer soon as I started looking at the big picture.

Now, if who ask me now, who created humans? I mean, humans evolved through the food that we’re eating, and food came from the land, so based in that, humans came from land and to land they shall return but I am not really sure, since the food that we ate we already returned it back to the land every time we poop.

The body is the product of you and the food you eat.
You’re not a food right? OMG, it got me thinking of real alien eating humans.
That’s horrible. And another giant eating aliens, just like in the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin, a food chain, dang.

Oh no! This is a little scary, hold on..

But I am not a body, I am something else.
Body is deffinitely different from me, although I am one with her and sometimes I allow her to speak up.
Most of the time she’s so honest.
I can lie, but she can’t.
I can guide her to be this and that.
She just follow like a pretty angel.
Although sometimes she doesn’t trust, even to me because she said I am smart.

I am about to sleep now, so good night.
She’s a little tired and acting like sleepy.
But she can still go on, I’ll let her sleep Now. So you, thank you for reading.
Remember to remember .

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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