Sex Education : Reaction Paper

So, like everyone else, I’ve also watched the movie out of curiosity. It was indeed a sex education but it’s more than just sex, it’s more of like developing a good perception about the organs involved in sex activities.

So, it’s empowering, both man and woman. It’s not only focusing on sex but also life as students, how their parents raised them and how the school teachers teaches them. It’s more than just about sex, that’s the least meaning of the movie.

I would recommend you watched it. I am not going to spoil it here because I want you to also watch it. Everything is normal and is under control. Friends matters, forgiveness and understanding. Honesty is always virtue and it’s okay to be bullied with the truth than cause the worst and be blamed for everything.

Parents must listen and not think your son’s and daughters are the extension of yourself. Making them do the things you can’t for your own pleasure does not give them life. Everyone’s unique and everyone has a life that’s unique for everyone else.

Acceptance, moving forward, sharing and understanding leads to forgiveness and peace. To do what is right even if it will hurt your parents, because it’s the best for you and others. Fighting for your self is a good choice. Some people just couldn’t understand you because they haven’t been in your shoes.

But most importantly, accepting change makes life easy. Resisting it, is boring. I mean, get stuck and you’re no longer updated. Keep moving on and accept your self. Find yourself and the best you can. Like Adam found his best talent. You can’t forced talent, sometimes it’s given to you. I guess we all have it, we just have to allow ourselves to develop it and embrace it.

Experiments are okay, it leads to knowledge. Trying is cool because it’s the only way to know if it will work out or not. Failures means you have tried and it won’t work so it’s time to move on. Pains are normal, you will grow out from it. Friendships can still be restored if you accept what needs accepting. It means you’ve already moved on.

Love and relationships cannot be forced, you must experiment, learn, move on, find another, move on, learn, oh well, I’m not sure if forever is real – it’s a choice, we can make it real with lots of sacrifices. The best gift we can give to people, and hey it’s the best gesture, is to let them go, let them grow. Let them decide, and accept your rejection- it’s the only way to move forward with life easily and Effortlessly.

Let go everybody. Holding back someone is a sign of weakness. You can’t keep someone alive in your hands if it wants to come out. Let it go and let it fly where it belongs. Keeping them depressed, worried, scared, unsecured, unloved, unaccepted, disrespected, and misunderstood is madness. 😁

Fuck shame, it’s part of the process and it’s meant to be accepted. So what! 🤪 As BTS song say. 👋👋👋👋

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