Gifted to Give

Yesterday was a bliss! I am officially a God Mother. I am so happy that I got invited. Met old and new acquaintances both from school and work. It was an awesome gathering! Thank you family! Now I have a child to sponsor during Christmas, birthdays and special gatherings. It’s an opportunity to practice myContinue reading “Gifted to Give”

What’s your Goal and what’s the purpose of your goal?

Aha! I have another thought worth the walk, but that’s a lot to work on. Maybe you can be with me in this journey to conquering my fear of success? Read on. Keep reading and learning even if the devil is against it. So, as a way of helping myself, I’ll write something might beContinue reading “What’s your Goal and what’s the purpose of your goal?”

Why you’re here

The rain pours heavily.Its strength doesn’t wither.Always constant, it’s pouring hard.Releasing all her emotions to keep a part of her grounded.The plants are happy, finally they have taken a shower today.They will grow after that rain, they’re all happy when it happens. Learning from them, relating myself to them, I am also growing after thunderstormsContinue reading “Why you’re here”

What kept me writing

This podcast is amazing! It will keep you sharing. This podcast will keep you motivating. This podcast, would make you feel better. This podcast will help you focus on your purpose, instead of protecting yourself by being selfish. This podcast, is a must to watch if you’re really passionate in your purpose. Go scroll up,Continue reading “What kept me writing”