What’s your Goal and what’s the purpose of your goal?

Aha! I have another thought worth the walk, but that’s a lot to work on. Maybe you can be with me in this journey to conquering my fear of success? Read on. Keep reading and learning even if the devil is against it.

So, as a way of helping myself, I’ll write something might be of help. Advises that I know will work because I think it will and I am not going to waste my time procrastinating and not sharing and ended up not feeling good about my little achievements just because I failed to share and I wasn’t so helpful to others. Read on. Keep reading and learning even if the devil is against it.

I realized something very important about life. It isn’t your diplomas, you’ve earned it. It isn’t your money, it’s worth it. You know what makes people happy and satisfied with life? It’s definitely not multiple praises, and massive following, not fame either “I can see that there’s no happiness in those famous faces just because they’re famous, I can see pressure.”

But when they’re happy, it’s not because they’re famous, but it’s because they’ve done something you haven’t seen in public. They’ve done something that helped people. They found out how to make use of what they have to teach and share something very important. For example, BTS taught us the value of friendship, showed us how to have fun with little things, reminded us of our youth; they helped us live a happy asian life.

They’ve definitely shared to us the korean culture. Kids loved them because they can relate to them. My child self definitely relates to them and she’s happy to see them having fun with the games she used to play as a young child. It’s crazy, but it’s true. They have a vision, bigger, stronger, and world changing. I find it very interesting, char.

Okay, that means I am an army because I supported their vision and mission. BTS has their own goal and it’s no ordinary. Again, it’s something world changing. It is definitely integrating and uniting cultures. Can you imagine how we’re able to learn something through BTS and because of that we became one culture. It’s amazing! Can you see it? Because I can. I think so 😂.

The BTS way, BTS culture, and those who followed them is a body of army. Oh no, that reminds me of Jesus, those who followed him are called Christians. Good thing with BTS is that, even if you came from different cultures, sectors, religions, cults, you’re not restricted to like them and to become a part of army. OMG.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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