Why is it important to keep your eyes open..

This is only base on my self observation, I’m not sure if everyone will be resonated, but I hope that you will. Please like if you do, it will be a relief for me too, knowing that I am not alone and someone understood my perception.

Keeping your eyes open is very important. I mean even when it’s temporarily close. Did you know that you have an eye within you, an eye that can see your internal being, I call it the eye of the beholder.

It’s something you set focus on, like a microscope, you can set your focus through hearing, channeling your energy, touching, and chanting. Others claim to have the ability to see energies which I believe as true. I mean I am not that yet, but based in my readings, I do have a little psychic ability.

I don’t want to believe it but believing in it won’t hurt me anyway, so why not believe it? Guess what, I feel happy and accepted. It’s easy to accept yourself, anyone or anything, you just have to BELIEVE. Justin Bieber knew this for sure. Oh I’m also a very good fan of Justin. It’s his heart and soul that captures me, his passion is so true. I think Jungkook saw this too that’s why he’s so inspired by Justin.

Oh and why is it important to keep your eyes open? Simple, so you can see it and correct something that needs correcting. I’m telling you, only those who does not want to accept the truth about themselves will close their eyes so badly that even her gut feelings stopped working. Oh that was me, if you’re wondering who. I’m good at suppressing my gut feelings just because I am so scared to see it falling, yes I mean poop. Yeah, I am not yet ready how to deal with bullies that time, I was young without parents to defend on me. They’ll only ally with bullies, I’d rather not tell, that’s how bad my childhood was.

I was young and can feel bullshits, I knew it’s called schizophrenia but I have a very strong gut feelings too, I must not get confused with it. I knew it, I can read something others cannot. I thought they’re reading me, so I don’t have to talk and I ended up being so quiet. Guess what, they don’t. So soon as I realized that, I practiced talking and communicating, and that’s why I kept on writing.

But there’s someone who can read my mind, I was so scared he could hear me. It was crazy! I know right, it was abnormal that I have to act, and even my act he knew I was acting. It was so creepy, but yeah, I guess telepathic communication really do exists. I am an avid fan of Britain’s Got Talent and everytime telepathic dou performs, I felt to excited.

Well, at least I found my counterpart. I was so at peace after many years. I had a very quiet environment. I don’t have to talk to him because there’s no need to. Even when we’re far, we can still talk although it’s really weird and I’m always doubting it, so I’d rather talk like normal people, I’m happy he contacted me, thanks to social media.

So, and he said to keep my eyes open. So I just did. Maybe he’s referring to my third eye chakra. And I speak English too like it’s my native language, pretty weird, I’d rather speak in my language when I’m surrounded by my brothers and sisters or else they’ll think I am really weird and crazy too. Haha!

So yeah, keeping your eyes open let’s you see yourself opening up to new things. It is only when you close it that you stop seeing opportunities. It is only when you close it that you lose passion. The third eye chakra is really helpful. Helps you poop well too, haha, no really, it’s true. My teacher advises me to look at my poop since my eyesight is deteriorating.

He said it’s probably because I don’t want to see something and I have probably closed my eyes because of fear of seeing it. Told ya, I had schizophrenia, but I had a fever that time I saw whatever (snakes, half headed fish? And it’s moving) so maybe I am not, “I believe in me” that’s how I can help my self for sure.

But really keeping your eyes open helps you see what needs to be updated, what needs changing, washing, it’s more of like being mindful, mindfulness training will really help us see things clearly. It’s like clarity too when you’re able to see things clearly. It also helps you understand why this and that has to be done. Helps you understand any system and the other person’s point of view.

When your eyes is open, your mind is more than willing to know why and understand the WHY’s. And we all know that knowing the WHY is really a thing in achieving our goals. So yeah, keep it open, it’s not a monster. They’re just kissing. Happy Valentine’s day. I remember closing my eyes whenever there’s kissing scene in a movie, just because others close it, I don’t want to be bullied of liking those things at a young age, so I acted like them too and it’s so annoying, but for me, it was nothing. If free to be myself that time without fear of bullying, I will see it and not fear about it. Truth!

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